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Re: DPD inquiry into FBI shooting ready by Jan. 31

The FBI has been trying to paint Detroit as a hotbed of terrorism, unsuccessfully for the past few years. I have experienced first hand the James Bond wannabe tactics of sorry dectectives in the Detroit area sucking up your hard earned tax dollars and wasting everyone's time.

FYI, If you are going to adopt a secret identity in Washtenaw county as a drug dealing gangster and a week later I see you at Eastern Market in Wayne County in the same hat and coat pretending to be Nation of Islam, you might be an unsuccessful government agent in need of a better script (Lorenzo or Habib, or whoever you may happen to be this week). And note to the people monitoring the conversation, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

The FBI tactics are seriously comical at this stage, so if you are meeting too many weirdos who are asking you about stupid stuff, they might not be your new best friend. Meanwhile the real criminals collect ridiculous boneses in failing banks and private armies kill children needlessly all over the world at our expense.

This is just another lame attempt to demonize the black intelligencia and dismantle any black leadership. And I am not referring to Kwame Kilpatrick, but the world reknown activists who reside and advocate for human rights out of the Detroit area. Since the time of COINTELPRO, the FBI has actively and continues to actively suppress any semblence of African Unity, based on the influence of Detroit civil rights and human rights activism impacting the world. These active agents are at our jobs, schools, in our cars at times looking for any reason to discredit and exact character assasination on any black person who is not going for the okey doke. Just be aware that the people smiling in your face are not always tickled to see you. I have and continue to experience this nonsense first hand. However, I will tell any African of substance that our Ancestors continue to guide us and we must pray to them for guidance and justice and pour libations to them on a regular basis, twice a day if possible. You will be amazed by the results and surprised to find the enemy exposed time and time again. The Emperor wears no clothes, and if the enemy is not in balance with Ma'at and the scales do not balance, KNOW, TRUST, and BELIEVE that poetic justice always prevails.


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