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Ras Marcus on anti-race mixing

Ras Marcus wrote "He is just trying to escape from truth and realities, "

I'm not trying to escape from anything but rather fighting against hate speach.

"there is a great internal fire which is burning inside, and it will continue to burn until he apologise, "

I won't apologize for voicing out against racial descrimination, racial bigotry, segregation, etc in the rastafari movement or anywhere else in the globe

"he can run from place to place across this internet, but the great long hands of truth and reality, will follow him and reach him, and this internal fire will continue to burn, until he face up, to truth and reality,"

Again i'm not running i'm right here standing firm against hate speach

" in the presence of this international African audience, he must tell us why is it, that he have a white wife, which he must be commended for, "

Not married yet but I dont want to be congratulated for the skin color of my partner
I didnt choose her for her melanin, but for her character.

"but he is preaching black and white relationships, on this international audience of black reasoning,"

I'm not preaching it, i'm saying anyone is free to love who them love. any color any class ant religion/creed . period.

" and also how is he proclaiming him self to be a Rastafari person, and at the same time, advocating black and white mating relationships,"

Rasta doesnt deal with racism or any other ism

"which is a total contradiction of the original principles and guidelines of the Rastafari movemant."

If the howelites were anti race mixing and black supremacists, i can overstand because of the environment they were under in jamaica at that time.I'm not saying things are all milk n honey now, but the faith has grown from there, not by me , not in 2004, but over many years by thousands around the globe. I know i'm the scapegoat posterboy for the globalization/multicultural new face of rasta, but its way older than me and way wider than me.

"When and where in the history of the Rastafari movemant, when and where, at any Rastafari assemble, did he hear any Rastafari Elder, preach black and white marriage or intimate relationships???

The founder of my house of rastafari says people are free to marry who they love, and the head of my HQ in NY is a japeth berdrin married to a hammite sistren.

"this has never happen, and if he claims that it happens, then let him bring forth his evidence."

see above

"This is just another example of people coming into our villages, and after giving a few gifts and they are allowed to pay frequents visits, then they start to make up their own rules, and gradually try to change, the original foundation of the movemant, and because they continue to bring gifts, it is indeed difficult to rebuke them or else the gifts will dry up, for gifts do blind the eyes."

see above paragraph about scapegoat

"Come on man face up to reality live and direct, talk to my African people and talk to them now."

I'm here talking now

"We need to know, from mr Adam how can he say on this forum that he is a Rastafari person, and he is preaching black and white intimate relationships, in order to try to lighten the color of black people, from generation to generation."

I have no mission to lighten the race. i am saying as the world mixes it will be harder for all the race hate when you have multiple races in your family tree.

"That is what it seems that he is really saying in his submissions.Again I send many oceans ofv blessings to my people everywhere.
Baba Ras Marcus."

again i don't have some master race of mixed people world agenda. all i am saying is people are free to be with anyone they love and hopefully as people mix it can help erode racism, will it end it? i dont think so, but i think it can help for the reasons i have stated many times now.

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Re: Ras Marcus on anti-race mixing
Race mixing exis not only between white and black!

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