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Who dis his Majesty gave Shashemane too?

Greetings, I have posted this topic before on the old message board and got few responses. Well I am posting it again, because their is a point that needs to be cleared up here. If ones have read the Land Grant of Shashemane by his Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I the first, it says clearly that He gave the Land to Black people, for helping to fight for Ethiopia. Why did He do this for Black people only? Well there is a reason why He did and why He established the Organization of African Unity. Speaking as a Black man I know of the experiences my ancestors went through when they were taken from their homeland of Africa and His Majesty knew this too.

Let us remember that the first people on this Earth was Black people. Before any talk about Ham, Shem, or Japhet, they were known as Africans or Ethiopians. So we know who His Majesty gave the Land to, and ones should realise this. So Black people need to forward to Africa and develop the Land that was given to them by his Majesty. Now I am not saying that no one else should come to Africa, but credit should be to Black people first. After all it was they who was robbed out of their homeland, no one else but them! And let us remember that the Rastafari Movement was started by Black people and it is for a reason too! For Black upliftment which is a must for my Black people! Ones might think that because I am a 12 tribes dread that I must forget about Black upliftment, well that is a fallacy!

I am a Black man and I know about the Black experience. So no matter if ones fail to know the truth, the Land Grant was given to Black people. So I encourage ones to stop saying that His Majesty gave the land to all peoples, he didn't. It is Black people He gave the land to. Do your research and see that Shashemane was given to Black people and Ethiopia is the Land of Ham, read your Bible and see that for yourself. I don't fight no one if they want to be Rasta, but just please don't forget the Roots of Rasta which is by Black people for Black upliftment! Credit must be due to my People! So no watering down of the Rasta faith please. His Majesty didn't give the Land to nobody else but Black people, read it and learn it. Selassie I Love.

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Who dis his Majesty gave Shashemane too?
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