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National ID Card *LINK*


A national Identification Card - complete with biometic identifiers,
such as fingerprints or retinal scans - is coming. Only it's not being
called that.

House Resolution 4633 - the Driver's License Modernization Act of 2002 -
would effectively create a national ID if it's passed.

The bill would require each state to adopt a uniform standard for
driver's licenses and link their motor vehicle databases to a central
computer registry. H.R. 4633 would "amend title 23, United States Code,
to establish standards for state programmes for the issuance of drivers'
licences and identification cards, andfor other purposes."

It would make use of "encoded biometric data matching the holder of the
licence or card." In other words, American citizens who have never
committed any crime would be subject to fingerprinting (or something
similar, such as a retinal scan) and compelled to carry a card with an
embedded computer chip containing reams of personal information.

As Eric Skrum of the National Motorists Association put it recently:
"Ultimately, anybody in any state with a card reader would be able to
look up your personal driving record, credit rating, Social Security
number, health information, personal address, and anything else the
government would force you to divulge in order to 'voluntarily' obtain a
driver's license."

They can call it whatever they want, but the end result will be the

This bill should be rejected as being incompatible with a free society.

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National ID Card *LINK*

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