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Greetings Empresshul_i,

I daughter is now 21yrs old and I raise her all on I own through much tribulations and trials. But as mother and daughter we made it through the rough times. Many a times I wish her own father would have been there especially when it got real crucial. But I draw I strength from I mother who raised seven of us without our fathers. She made many a mistake but I sight that she did the best she could at the time. I see I daughter become a mother now and she is doing a real good job of it. That makes I feel good because it tells I that I nurturing of I daughter paid off well. I made mistakes too and there were times when I had to ask I brother to deal with I daughter on certain issues. It is impossible sometimes for a woman to teach her daughter about the opposite sex and this is where the presence of a father is important. Even though I had a relationship for nine years while I daughter grew up, she never really saw this brethren as a father figure and he didn't quite know how to be one to I daughter. Most times he felt like he was overstepping his boundaries so I basically took over most of the 'fathering' and I did the best I could. The good thing is I daughter have a wonderful brother by her side and his son means the world to him. I can't tell you how much I admire this brother. Just to watch him with his son is a joy. I am happy to know that even though I raised I daughter as a single mother that the cycle is broken. I grandson now have a strong black man to look up to, his father. Jah blessing fi real!!

Hold strong sistren if the I is to have the balance of a Kingman in the household, Jah will be done, but if the I have to trod this road alone, Jah will be there to guide you always. Blessed Love

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