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I feel I need to speak

no group owns the truth.look deeper than the roots you"ll find the seed of love,from where the tree of ETERNAL LIFE was born.look not with EYES (duality,the seperation,the fall,the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil,etc.etc.) of flesh but with the EYE (heaven,eternal life,onelove)of spirit.were all ONE you cannot do anything but unto your self.so however you look upon someONE remember you judge not but yourself.let he who is without mistakes throw the first stone.does this sound familuar.LOVE,LOVE,LOVE.LOVE GOD (wich is love) WITH ALL YOU HAVE AND LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR (which means everyONE)AS YOURSELF.if you fight "evil or wrongness etc."you give it more reality in your sight.become again the pure spiritual child of LOVE that you are and always have been and watch all the "evil" dissapear as the illusion it is.only LIFE and LOVE last forever because only they truly exist.peace.

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I feel I need to speak
your wrong.
one last thing
little tadpole
easier said than done tho..sorry bout that
Re: sister one question.
Re: sister one question.
I feel I need to speak

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