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Re: Misery loves company
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What you are saying lacks truth. Our Master Teacher is winning the battle and here is the proof. By the early part of February, he will be walking out of the courtroom and returning home.

From: "A Kheper Ka Re ( Meaning) Great is the SOUL of Re "
Date: Thu Jan 2, 2003 11:52 am
Subject: Re: New Years Ball

This year's annual ball was a great success. =-) Love was in the air this year more then ever as people looked there best and had the
picture of "HOPE", "JOY", "FREEDOM" and ""LOVE"" in there eye's.

Dispite the many adversites we as a nuwaubian nation have faced this year or since the birth our our new year which is 06/26/2002 we STILL
reprsented as a family and one unit. Prayers where sent out to our beloved FATHER and Noble Rev.Dr.Malachi Z. York-El 33/720.

As the great evening started with great performers , follwed by GREAT and excellent food and then the Message of Power as one of the
goddess blessed us with a message from our estemed Noble Rev and beloved father as he wanted everyone to know HIs health is doing
fine , dispite all the rumors that he was not doing well...

Also that he said he wants us to LOVE each other like we never loved before . The sister said ""The rev. wants us to know he loves each
and everyone of yu and he wants us to keep loving each other, keep praying for him @ 9am,3pm ,9pm "" God is making a way and has made a way !

He will be home soon! =-)

So once again Keep on spreadin love for ALL and especially for each other. =-)

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