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Re: The"Get 2 know InI Afrikan Story"Quizz 18th ja


Yes man from PNT.....Rastafari/E.Menen Izez......

Give th-ANKH-s Iya......like the I seh, the 1st Question is more ov an Opinion,seeeeeeen? man gone leave it cotinue inna I mind a bit, and forward again.....


3.In the studiez ov the Elder J.H.Clarke in his book "Chritopher Come-Bos-us & the Afrikan HOLOCAUST",DR.Clarke said he generally divide Afrian-history into 3 arbritrary categories, wich he callz "the Afiica's age of grandeur.

(1).Afric's First Golden Age began at "the beginning" with the of man and the development of societies. The human societies were developed for reasons relating to needs and servival ov the Family.With the dicovery of metal and how to use them, all African took a great leap forward.Man had leared how to take iron from the ground and turned it into spears and tools. Iron cultures had their greatest developmen in the erea of Africa that iz now the Eastern Sudan inna the great city-state ov Meroe.The Nile-river became a great cultural Highway,bringing people and cultures out ov inner Africa.
The period in Khemet(Egyptian)history from the 3d Dynasty to the first invation of Khemet by the Hyksos, or Shepherd Kings,in 1675-B.C,in Dr.clarke's opinion is the apex of the first Golden Age.

2.In EurOpe and in the Arab countries, GHANA was known az the countrie rich in Gold. This was a natural attraction for the Arabs and later the EurOpianz.The country reached the heihts if its greatness during the reign of Tenkamenin 1 ov its greatest Kingz, who came to power in 1062-A.D. The Ampire was well organised, the political progress and the social well-being of its people could be favorable compared to the best Kingdomz and empires that prevailed in eurOpe at THIS time.
In 1 ov a number of holy wars, or jihads,Ghana was invaded by the Almoravides under the leadership ov Abu Bekr ov the Sosso Empire on 1076-A.D. This conQuest brought an end to Ghana age ov properity and cultural development.

(3).The great drama ov state building, trade,
commerce and power brokerage unfolded at TimbuktOO,the Queen city ov the Western Sudan. 200 hundred miles down the Niger from Timbuktoo the competing city ov Goa stood. IT was founded in about the 7th centary A.D, and was the capital ov the large Blakk empire of the Songhai.In the years when Timbuktoo was a great intellectual nucleus ov the Songhai Empire, Africa scholars were enjoying a renaissance that was known ans respected throughout most of Afrika and in parts ov EurOpe. At this period in Afrikan history, the Universaty ov Sankore was the Educational capital ov the Western-Sudan. The famous Emperor ov Mali, Mansa Mussa stopped stopped at Timbuktoo on his pilgrimageto Mecca in 1324. He went in regal and spledor with an entourae ov 60,000 persons,including 1200 servants. To the outside world ov the medieval period,the Emperor Mussa was more than an idividual. HE was Afrika! He conQuared the Songhai-Empire and rebuild the Universaty ov Sankore. He was the most colorful ov the BlaKk Kingz ov the 14th-century, and still hel that position nearly 2-centuries after his death........After the death ov Mansa Mussa the Empire ov Mali D-clined in importonce. Its place was taken by Songhai, whose greatest King was Askia the Great(Mohammed Toure).Askia came to Power, 1-year after Crumble-us(columbus), landed on America.

3.This BLaKk and Power-full Queen and Mother is Nefatity.(?)

correct I........1 hand washes the other.

Izez mOre!



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The"Get 2 know InI Afrikan Story"Quizz 18th januar
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Re: The"Get 2 know InI Afrikan Story"Quizz 18th ja
Yes G-man give thanks! Answers will 4wahd soon! *NM*
Re: The"Get 2 know InI Afrikan Story"Quizz 18th ja
Re: The"Get 2 know InI Afrikan Story"Quizz 18th ja
Re: The"Get 2 know InI Afrikan Story"Quizz 18th ja

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