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Re: sad but true
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Seen I... I still waitin to hear from a Bobo though to confirm that that is generally how they see it...

As far as the bad wud and ting, you could look at it like you said... you could also look at it like, is just words people are used to using and don't look at the meaning too much... or, you could look at it another way, that those words refer to female private parts because consciously or subconsciously we recognize their power as the source of life. If I'm really angry I say "muddask*nt", if I'm overjoyed or surprised I say "muddask*nt", if I want to express vociferous agreement with something someone says I might clap my hands and say "muddask*nt" (depending on what company I'm keeping of course, and I don't mean whether I'm hanging out with males or females cos females does use the word too). So the question is, is it really "obscene language" that "degrades the woman", or is it that when I feel a powerful emotion whether anger, disappointment, or joy or pleasant surprise, I use a powerful word referring to that most powerful piece of human anatomy from which every one of us emerged as a screaming, bawling, bloody little mess?

What you're saying about the Bible is true, but remember it's all about i-terpretation... cos, for eg, if you take the story of Adam and Eve literally it's certainly a justification for female servitude (as one of the "Israeli Church of Universal Practical Knowledge" tried to so-called "enlighten" us about lately.) But if you take it symbolically I find it may not even be talking about male and female at all. But rather about the receptive principle (symbolized by Eve the female) and the outward-directed/inseminating/can't-think-of-a-word-to-describe it principle (symbolized by Adam the man). So the message being, watch out for the influences you receive (the fruit from the snake) for these will become a part of you and then the outward-going principle (Adam) will in turn project those influences to the rest of the world.

As for the "curse on Eve" every culture has a story to explain how things came to be the way they are. How the leopard got spots, why the bald eagle is bald, etc. This was just dem man explanation for why woman bleed and go through pain in childbirth. Of course it also served their purpose of maintaining male supremacy which was the order of the day at that time. But I don't see that as the most essential part of the story.

Raspek Peace and Love Bruh or Sis, whichever you be... Rastafari guide and protect.

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