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Re: bobo do not allow women to do trinity sign....

Greetings one and all. Know this that, as it is written, " I and I father house are many mansions...when I go I and I go to prepare a place for you and I." Despite the fact that there are many houses of Rastas it should not also be unknowable that there are many principles too in each house have its followers adhere to. Mark you divine principles is different from organise principles...chiefly as one cannot organise the divine. Now the different house of Rasta is is just the entrance to a life of Rasta, but when all exist they all exist through one Door and that is the divine order of Jah Almighty, OH Praise his name. Now! if a binghi, hold a reason on regard to principle it is may not be a divine one, but an organise one due to his present temple or groundation. If a Bobo does the same it may not be a organise one but a divine base on the esotorical reasoning. Brethrens! hear this. Rastafari is about reasoning and chanting and coming to an overstanding. Thus as the reasoning and grounding or chanting begins it is not a rule or exception or a law. What it is? it is done to reach a point of logical and spiritual overstanding. Such overstanding then when further hammer out becomes part of the dogma and levity among Rastas. The final phase is to attribute divineness to it. To do so that take another higher reasoning. Now if it is not practical or cannot be digest by Rastas it is left on the shelf metaphorically speaking. So when the Bobo make the statement that woman should not do the esotoric sign, it is not that he meant it as rule or law but as an exception. For example, when she decides to separate herself during menses she may not do it. Now the esotoric sign is a divine sign and must not be used commonly. I see it been used commonly by politicians and world leaders, they don't know what of matter they do. It is a sacred sign to serious Rastas and Ethiopian Priest. More over, being a sacred sign...most Brother chief Priest were only permitted then to use the sign. Now if then woman were ordained as Priest I am sure they would be allowed to usee it exceptionally. As Rastas we must take reasoning and grounding likely. As reasoning and grounding is not to limit but to espouse or make known knowledge. No opiono should not be held back in Rastas presence if it is ineficial to the grounding and conclusion of the reasonin. No woman in Rastafari today are held low or downtrodden as most have it. We as a people are not equal on all situation and babylon want to have it that it is so. Equality is a deceptive term foisted upon and within our education to trick or fool us into believing that babylon see us as equal as they want to make us feel. So my Rastafarian woman do not feel that Bobo's are mean to woman. More so some people do not give all the fact in their reasoning which cause the half truth to get out. Now I and I know that the Bobo meant an exception and not a rule. More so! I encourage all Rastas in America and else where to visit the Rasta houses in Jamaica and Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria and Morocco. Blessed to all. Remember Rastafari is love and unity. Our vow is to make all people come together, be good first to fellow Rastas then others.

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Re: bobo do not allow women to do trinity sign....
Re: bobo do not allow women to do trinity sign....

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