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Re: black supremacy??????


Black Supremacy to I personally- and to many others- does not mean a simple reversal of white supremacy. I always put it like this, "superior" means you comparing yourself to someone else and saying you're better than them, "supreme" simply means ain't no one better than you. It implies no comparison, it doesn't exclude others from also being supreme, cos ones could be on the same level as you, it's just that no one is higher than you.

It's also an indication that Black people are the original people from which all other people come. So in that sense we are "supreme" as the source. On a more mystical level, all colors come from Blackness, all form comes from void. When you take away the effects of sunlight being filtered through our atmosphere, IanI are surrounded by black space. Black is the foundation.

[*NOTE: Of course, to take the "source of other humans" argument to its logical conclusion, IanI would have to say that the people known as "pygmies" and "bushmen" are the most original people. They have been around the longest, unchanged, from them came the "Bantu" stock of Black people, and later all Asian, European, Native American, etc.]

Black Supremacy is also a wordsound to help liberate Black people from inferiority complex and mental slavery. When the idea of our inferiority is so deeply ingrained up to this day, a sharp corrective is needed.

Of course there is a danger that the concept be taken the wrong way as a reversal of white supremacy, and as an excuse to despise other "races", euro, asian, etc. I have even heard one or two people say we should enslave the white race to pay them back, and there are others who despise
other racial groups because of personal/historical beef with them that is much less severe than with the White Man (capitalized to indicate a generalization). As in my country where African and Indian are at each other's throat after both being exploited by the British. So, it could be taken the wrong way and there are those that do (I guess it's the right way to them), but I think those that see Black Supremacy as meaning we should rule over or oppress other races, are in the minority.

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Re: black supremacy??????

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