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The "Get to know Our Afrikan Story"Quizz Jan 7

Greetings Afrikans!

Here 's today's quizz:

1.Name this area, the time, and the end result:

"This self-sufficient community, often called "Little Africa", consisted of hundreds of Black businesses functioning on local, national, and international levels. Little Africa embodied over 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, two movie theaters, libraries, schools, pawn shops, law offices, jewelry stores, a hospital, bank, post office, bus system, and six private airplanes."

2.He was an African Warrior. He was Japanese. He was a great fighting general. He was a Japanese Shogun. Descendant of those Afrikans who descended on the Japanes shores ages ago..He was a warrior symbolized in early Japanese history as a "paragon of military virtues." Could it be that this was what Dr. Diop was alluding to in his first major book, Nations negres et culture, when he directed our attention to the tantalizing and yet profound Japanese proverb: "For a Samurai to be brave he must have a bit of Black blood."
Who was this Black Samurai??????

Blessed luv and have funn!!!!!!

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The "Get to know Our Afrikan Story"Quizz Jan 7
Re: The "Get to know Our Afrikan Story"Quizz Jan 7

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