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Re: Haile Selassie I never waged a war yet

Menelik II, the slave trading Abyssinian king of the nineteenth and twentieth century was responsible for the massacre and disappearance of millions of Oromos, Sidamas, Wolayta, Somalis, and others. He was responsible for the physical and psychological torture of the Arsi Oromos at Anole, where his soldiers chopped off every man’s arm, and every woman’s breast.

“When the people came, they were told to enter the narrow pass one by one. All males who entered were cut off their right hands on orders of Ras Darge. The Shoans (conquerors) tied the hand they cut to the neck of the victim. In the same manner, the right breasts of women were also cut and tied to their necks. As a result everybody who went to Anole … returned by (sic) losing his right hand and (her) breast. This widely known as “Harka Mura Anole” )Abas Haji. 1982)

Menelik was a notorious slave trader, who sold Oromo and southern peoples’ prisoners of war into slavery. He also encouraged his generals to raid villages, capture slaves, and sell the captives into slavery and surrender some as gift or tax to him.

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Re: Haile Selassie I never waged a war yet

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