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Re: This is my first post to this board and I hope

Greetings Malik!

I've seen this question on the old website before and because of the "PRE-JUDGED" stance the question was brought so i saw no need to reply to someone who already has his answers to the questions he puts before the community.

Yet i will have to answer here because it is here where you put you're question, i know u will overstand.

As to you're first question i really can't give you a informative answer, other than that i am Somali and know of certain oppression by the Amhara minority. Eventhough I am Rastafari and I my people are very closedly linked to the Oromo, I am ashamed to say i could say anything definite about the matter simply because i have'nt educated myself on that subject.

You're second question though i will adress....

Garvey's criticism of Emperor Haile Selassie the First is what probaly caused his own downfall within the UNIA. At the Time of the War against Italy ,Garvey resided in England, and rallied for the Ethiopain Freedom Fighters and patriots espescially because Ethiopia and HAILE SELASSIE the First where the forfillment of Garvey'steachings, of having ones own Government, Army,King President, Heroes, Saints.
It has been said that when Garvey start critizizig the Emperor who had a growing popularity among UNIA members, when his own popularity declined. It was also said that Marcus Garvey was jealous of the Emperor because the Unia members rallied around Ethiopia's cause and send funds, materials etc instead of towards Garvey himself.

Nevertheless Garvey did a great work for Afrikan people in General not only Rastafari so therefor there will be ones who embrace Garvey DESPITE his critisism towards the Emperor. If Garvey would be around to see the return of the Emperor to his throne his editorial magazine "The Black Man" would have seen the Emperor in a different light again. So i say again every Rastafari is an individual and has a different opinion of this matter.

In the words of Marcus Garvey:
"Afrika for the Afrikans"!!

In the words of Emperor Haile Selassie the First:
"Unity is the Goal"


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This is my first post to this board and I hope to
Re: This is my first post to this board and I hope
Re: This is my first post to this board and I hope

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