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To Imhotep El


I started this thread as I wanted to know more about the Malachi York and his movement, and I give thanks for ones who have contributed.

Most people who have contributed have Reasoned with you peacefully, and I give thanks for your peaceful responses and opinions. It's good to have a space for mature debate.

I have to say though that after reading all the posts, the words that spring to mind are, "Those who have ears to hear will hear. Those who have eyes to see will see."

Read carefully the words of gman and the others who have Reasoned with you here. No man or women can save you. Not even Malachi York. It is time to save yourself. Don't ever defend the wickedness that Malachi York has done. No matter how much positivety you have seen in him over the years, (and I donít doubt you on that), you still have to be brave enough to open your eyes to the fact that he has done evil. Are you 100% sure you want to be judged at his side? Yes, he may have saved you and many from a life of drugs and violence, etc. The sad fact is you now have to be saved from him! He has led you from one potential life of wickedness into (defending) another life of wickedness.

I don't want to sound like a Christian preacher, but Bro you really need to open your eyes to the truth.

Unlike those innocent girls and boys molested by York, you are an adult, and so is your wife. Unlike them you have the power to take control of your own life.

I suggest you do that now. Quit stalling! Time is short.

No one likes to admit they have been brainwashed, but seriously Brother, you need to reclaim yourself.

Talk to your wife. You need to address this issue and you can't put it off any longer.

Guidance and Protection.

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To Imhotep El

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