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Re: The "Get 2 know INI Afrikan Story!"Quizz 14Jan


Give th-ANKH-s! Iyamin......Rastafari!

Here goes.....

1.C-The EWF was set up by Ethiopian Patriots in america by order of His Empetial Majesty-Hail Selassie I

2.A-The Mau-Mau faught a Liberation war agains the British


5.In 1923....not sure)

6.Jesus??LOL! Cho....that neva born...if that realy did a born,with ALL them Believerz dey-bouwt......some 1 woudda know Jesus Birthday......SOME 1. WHO KNOW WHEN JESUS BORN??!!!(his birthay)

The 25th.ov dec was celebrated az the Birthday ov ALL the Christs before, jesus came on the scene......even The S...U...N!!......kno tru

8.Ghana......under the leadership ov Kwame Nkuma

PNT...give i the ezults...seen?

Izez mOre

His.I.Majesty/Her.I.Majesty Izez......NTR-BLN..............ASHE!


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The "Get 2 know INI Afrikan Story!"Quizz 14Jan pt2
One answer is aiyt 2 peoples!!! Take a try! *NM*
Re: The "Get 2 know INI Afrikan Story!"Quizz 14Jan
Re: The "Get 2 know INI Afrikan Story!"Quizz 14Jan
Ninja! Selassielive! Wha d I dem sayin?? Try nuh??
Re: Ninja! Selassielive! Wha d I dem sayin?? Try n

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