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Greetings I-loveds
January 18th is Ketera or the eve of Timqat the biggest festival of the Ethiopian Orthodox Faith and exclusive to the Ethiopian Church.
Ones could read about it on a new page at Rasta Ites website http://rastaites.com/timqat.htm Also added about a month past is a new events page for worldwide reggae events http://rastaites.com/world.htm Please I-mail to add an event, there is link on the page.
Also I-mail to add events to any of the other events pages..........
Rasta events, London events, UK & Éire events and the regular events pages......... or to add any links.
Check out also this new website from Shashamane
http://www.jrdcommunity.org/homepage.html bringing nuff news from the land including the works which are going forward, site also has photos of the idrens on the land and details of how ones could support the works.
It is so irie to see Rasta Ites MSN community growing and growing, please try to forward to the chant next Sunday 8pm London time, that is 11pm in I Father's home Ithiopia, 3pm in New York and Jamaica, 7am in Sydney. To check time in your zone click http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/meeting.html .......... All nations welcome..... If you are not a member you will need to join first and also please could ones check out the chant room before as you might need to download something to use it. Long time since I&I used to meet to chant Ises online. Here is the link http://groups.msn.com/RastaItes/homepage

blessed love
Sis Marydread

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