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Re: Alternative to Money: Time Dollars

give thanks, I am thinking of maybe starting a 'timedollars' revolution in my own town... (from there, WHO knows where it goes.......) I think it's great, and hour is an hour - and the govt. can't touch it and is tax exempt. Thanks. There are so many who wanna step out, but where do they turn in this mad mad mad cold and foolish world? So they have to stay or step back in even when they don't want to. A while ago I found some other people on the web with some interesting alternative 'economics' - some are ok, some I don't know what to think yet.... maybe sometimes this week I'll find them again and post it up. On top of the the timedollars idea...... the newspapers could be bombarded with some serious TRUTH 'propoganda' hitting at the heart/brain and consciences of people -

Anyhow, it just made me smile thinking of it..... babywrongs army just walking out from underneath them - I mean what can they do to justify shooting all of us (to the 'international community'), if all were doing is innocently giving a sh*t about eachother and not breaking any of their '''laws''' - their allready under enough heat, so.... anyway, I and I really give thanks for the post

staying ***********OUT**************

N.J.Weedman needs help, I can't do anything yet in the physical to help or fight the system in a way that would make serious change for ALL I and I..... yet.... but, all I can do at this moment is send out this heartcry, anyways.... he needs help

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Re: Alternative to Money: Time Dollars

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