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Re: Kaya IsesaJah
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RAS C..me whan tell yuh I fleshy nuh available pon dis night. Him seh him cyan come to I gates, much later. me tell him it nuh good fe call de I round dis time still, it nuh good. He will be at I gates tommorrow in de early evening still. will de I still be deh, me fe try an call yuh deh, tommorrow.
Guidance an Love, while in Poughkeepsie, be sure fe gwan in de city, by Thompson Street, an Winnikee Ave, all de weh to Smith Street. de neighborhood nuh too bad at daylight..me allways watch it at night though. dis me neighborhood still. Nuff a we a deh bout!! deh is a new Golden Krust Jamaican bakery if yuh hungry fe veggie patties or harddough bread, ground food, an dem eskovitch fish nice still. me nuh know if yuh eat fish Iyah. But it nuh yard, but nuff yardy own it, so it betta den McMurders....true? me try fe link up still...
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kaya I

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Re: Kaya IsesaJah
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