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Re: I dont promote it outside Rastafari but its di


I would recommend that ones read this book: Rasta and Resistance, From Marcus Garvey to Walter Rodney by Horace Campbell.

The author is Jamaican and teaches at the University of Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. He explores the resistance of Rasta to white racism and imperialism. Sometimes when we look at the movement, there seems to be some kind of 'spiritual warfare' that is taking precedence over the real matters at hand. Rasta's early resistance to the status quo frightened the colonial gentry, was ridiculed by most, but still served as a source of pride to the black man/woman and child even if they would only grudgingly admit it. You can't separate Rasta from such resistance and you can't ever deny there place in the arena of upliftment and racial pride and identity within the black nation(Diasporo). Those of us from different tribes and races should first overstand this is a movement born out of a people finding it necessary to determine their existence and to claim the essence of themself even by the rivers of babylon so to speak. In the face of being constantly negated their arose a need step out of that white cast they had worn for hundreds of years carrying way beyond to a time when we must have been free. The Rastaman/woman and child looks from an African/Alkebulan perspective. And this freedom chant manifested through time touching all the ends of the earth. Even though we speaking in many different tongues right now, the freedom chant is still ringing in the air. Rastafari Speaks represent on of those chants. So the resistance is still on. Never forget that!

Blessed Love

Peace and more peace.

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Re: I dont promote it outside Rastafari but its di
more resistance IyaBinghy I...tru tru! *NM*

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