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Bongo Icall
How many houses of Rasta is there? I am from European Decent. Rastamen in the Carribean, showed me, the Rasta Life Style, Teaching me about King Selassie I and Marcus Garvey. Because of the vibes it was best for me to leave the Island before I could learn many things with Real Rasta.
I returned to Kanada, and have been studing the Rastafarian movement. When I first returned Home. I lost touch with many of my old babywrong ways, for the Good of Rasta, showed me a more upfull lifestyle. Physically and Spiritually.
I ask you about your post about materialism as being evil work? When I returned to babywrong, I lost touch with many friends who I love very much because we now had different Ideas about how life show be. I was very against material wealth for myself. and ended up walking the streets going from this place to that, with just a bag and a couple blankets. I learned plenty on my anti-materialism trod about Kanada. I worked all the time still to buy food or rent very small rooms for shelter.
The I meet a special woman who loves me for who I am.
I now have a family, with two boys.
When a man gets a familly he really starts to learn more about what life is really about, I am starting to think about the social system that is around me and for the children I find myself wanting to be more involved. The same issues that I thought I left behind, now need to be addressed on a social level.
After thinking about the issues that I feel need changes, I decide not to try and change anything around me, But instead get more involved in the message of Rastafari. Making InI Stronger is my goal, because I am confident in the victory of good over evil.
Back to my question. In a speech from Haile Selassie I, H.I.M. talks about growing as a human, takes Spirtual growth and Material growth, to have a sovereign modern life style. I ask this question with the upmost positive vibes that you have in your post. Love Mark

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Spirtual And Material

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