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Eye of the Needle

Eye Of The Needle

Undiscipherable language
expressions in many forms
collected analyzed stored
carbon dated
Graphic format in tiffs
Internet related gifs
archaeological rifts
carousel projects
what could be myths

Aboriginal cave paintings
Yucatan Olmec Muya etchings
They Came Before Columbus
Unearthing increases
Vatican exposed pieces
Swing open the doors
and peek into her bosom
for dudgeons of untold truths

Dead Sea Scrolls
Essence Gospel Of Peace
Stories about the earliest
Crucified Saviors
Armed with this information
crystal clear is your
mental station cause

Sanskrit the time
Cuni is unformed
Dig for Tibetan secrets
has our aim not been
to soothe the American ethos
That rugged individualism
and in her efforts
is Civilization Barbarism

To study the Sumerian
or is life egalitarian
Chinese in the field
esoteric yield
Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Pie equals 3.14
Poly consciousness in
hare and turtle

Hebrew knowledge with
the study of Torah
numerical coded pathway
lit up by menorah

Euphoria in Lemuria
Second stanza discovery bonanza
the watery depths of Atlantis
Under the vale
Akashic Records mail
DNA's vinyl groove

Positive negative neutral
contextual micro to macro
Gas liquid solid on the move
Signs of primordial chaos
280 Days and the infinite amount
of existence all inside a uterus
The Big Bang Theory
9 solar months of your Earth day

Mothers birthday
She squats they snip your freedom
Free to be dumb
from the everything and nothing
Many thanks to the
grim faced weepers
wisdom circled keepers
original mind sweepers
Of Water and The Spirit


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Eye of the Needle
YES IYAH!!!!!!!!!!! *NM*

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