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me overstand

Greetings Love Still!!
me sorry fe nuh anwserin de qwestion, me neva even sight yuh las rasponse seen? NOW YUH FE ANSWER WHA ME POST IN I LAST POST, O.K.? I WOMAN WILL REMIND DE I LATER IN DIS POST WHA ME REFER TO...

NOW LET I woman commant bout yuh supposin me know not of wha de I speak of in referance to de bible...me NUH only deal wid king james, I muma lef I de AMHARIC/ENGLISH (selassie translation which is de king james but wid de apocrypha) bible complete wid de apocrypha which is allso called de Deuterocanonicals!!! ME ALLSO HAF NUFF ADDA BIBLES, LIKE SCOFIELD, NIV, REVISED STANDARD, TO NAME A FEW, AN WHAN I WOMAN DO RESEARCH, ME GO AN DO IT BREDRIN, SINCE YUH MUS BY NOW SIGHT I WOMAN USE TO RESEARCH, AS IT WAS I JOB FE 20 YRS, ALBEIT A NEXT SUBJECK, BUT PERSONALLY ME CYAN TINK OF NUFF WEHS RESEARCH IN SCIENCE IS SIMILAR TO RESEARCH INTO JAH, REASONS FE WE LIFE, HOW INI COME TO BE, WHA INI MUS DO FE SALVATION, REDEEMPTION, AN TO LIVE DIS LIFE, SO ME NUH STRANGER TO SEEKING AN FINDING IYAH... me glad to sight yuh nuh recognise de fallacy an error in de jahovia witness New World Translation..yes I dem contort scripture to fullfill dem doctrine, such as "..and the Word was God." dem bible seh "and the word was a god." dem rationlize it by saying Jesus was a god, like satan is a god of dis system!!!!!!! dat wha dem a preach, but IT IS A LIE, an me know KNOW dat bredrin!! give thanks fe yuh jus watchin out fe I woman, Raspeck..but me done nuff research I..me only been following Christ since allmost 5 years now. me start out as Garveyite/Rastafari, an it is allmost inbreed in we. But I, me haf 43, soon come 44 years of seeking, an all de while, me jus whanted truth, an how to develop a contrite heart..I promise any I dat, if yuh truly seek, to mek a contrite heart, yuh will..dat me KNOW KNOW KNOW!!!
please overstan me nuh try to COMPARE OR APPROACH YUH LEVEL OF SPIRITUALITY..I WOMAN TOO BUSY FE DAT! me jus tryin fe post Selassie message to de massive, which is Jah message, an no matter wha bible yuh use, yuh cyan still extrack de truth..even in de jahovia witness bible, deh addah scrips dat I woman haf used, right from dem bible which support de Icept of de Trinity..of course dat being of utmost importance Bredrin, since if INI proof de Trinity to INI selfs, den INI fe analyse de data, nuh true?, an sight dat dis Jesus Christ, de Word who was prophecied to come, even before Him come born of Mary, if yuh chek Isaiah, nuff referances of de prophecy...an truly in dat book of Isaiah, de Old Testamant, yuh can find how fe Identify de Saviour who appear in de New testamant..in all Bibles..so de weh I sight it, de only error is de most severe, an dat is any 'religion, livity, way of life, group ect' dat use a bible, an claim dem KNOW Christ, but in REALality dem deny Christ, who Him was, who Him WASNT, an why Him come,...yuh see me? SO IT IS OBVIOUS de reason I woman post de interview above, becaw even selassie himself seh him nuh diety..an me know de emperor was nuh lying...an as far as Jah, HIM CYANT LIE, SO IN DE AGES, ONES TRY FE ALTAR HIM WORDS, BUT DEM CYANT DO IT!!
getting back to yuh seh me mek fun or laff off a yuh, YUH WRONG IYAH..OR AT LEAST DAT WAS NUH I INTENTION, IT IS JUS DAT me laff at de simalarity between yuh an a dawtah me know. but breddah, me whan yuh fe overstan, me hear it all over de years, reasoning dat was made wid nuff serious, ideological qwestions, to reasoning purely fe FOLLOW FOOL...an dat why I kanfident, whan me hear it, me learn it...after all faith is by hearing de Word of God, nuh true? sooooo...let us now try to reason pon yuh subjeck, if me interprat wha yuh try an tell I..bout why Jesus haffi come down off de throne an become human? because of de sins of manUNkind. an breddah, me fe ask yuh, wha de bible seh is de wages of sin according to ALL my bibles, including Orthodox ones, wha de wages of sin?? DEATH NUH TRUE? an Jesus wasnt order by Him faddah to come down to earth, but Jesus said in essence 'send me'..He came while INI were still sinners, an He loved us all de while. He came fe ones who need de doctor, healer, lawyer, master, teacher...nuh ones allready righteous, if deh is any one who approach righteousness, for even de bible seh INI RIGHTEOUSNESS IS LIKE UNTO FILTHY RAGS..NO WONDER IYAH..FOR JAH IS SOOO HOLY AN PURE, EVEN AT WE BEST INI LOOK VERY BAD STILL..an look (sight Romans 3:12, den tek a look pon Psalms 39 v 5..in de case of vanity, it means empty..how me know dat? from nuff research..ME EVEN HAF A BIBLE WHICH LAY TWO VERSIONS SIDE BY SIDE, AN ME HAF AN INTERLINEAR BIBLE, WHICH CYAN TELL I WHA DE WORDS WERE IN DE GREEK FOR ISAMPLE..AN ME ALLSO USE NUFF COMMENTARYS, DICTIONARIES..ME LOVE TO RESEARCH...) so if INI cyant come next to de Faddah wid His Holiness, Him cyant stand sin, so, INI haffi get rid of sin, but Jah was de one fe give de punishmant of sin, which INI know is death, so Jesus seh send I..He was de only man who was with out sin, He was spotless in every weh, becaw of who Him a part of, Jah, who is Him Faddah, by de weh of de Hola Spirit which came dun pon Mary, dat me beleif!! Yuh no sight to wha advantage it would be fe satan to dispute Jesus? dont fuhget dat satan know him gwan send de antichrist to fool all de nations, so it betta to mek jesus look like jus some good man, rather den God!! in Genesis chapter 3 INI sight satan first attempt to mek man tink seh man could be as gods, an never die..lie him a preach, an surely if yuh sight it, according to de bible, it is a sin, an de wages of sin is death, jus wha satan try to acheive in de garden, an wha him still try fe do de addah day. yuh know I, Jesus clearly state dat "I am the WAY, the TRUTH, the LIFE, NO MAN COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME." NOW BREDRIN, CHEK WHAEVA BIBLE YUH WHANT, ANY TRANSLATION OR TRANSLITERATION...YUH SIGHT JOHN 14:6, an tell I wha yuh tink...
now fe de qwestions yuh neva answer..wha we ago do wid de speech I post from his majesty pon de train whan him a go to Canada, me post above? wha him mean by ...I told them clearly I am a man, I am mortal...an him seh ..never make the mistake of assuming or pretending that a man is emaniated from a diety (sorry fe me spelling still)
okay me talk off yuh ear, me haffi go mek Tamrind juice,...ONE LOVE, ONE HEART, RASPECK, TEACHMANT,BLESSINGS, AN GIVE THANKS..GUIDANCE!
in JESUS service I woman REMAIN 4-IVA
kaya I

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