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applying this standard to 'whiterasta' mod squad

peace and hotep,

thanks for that quote but 50 years down the road and i still don't comprehend why moderate caucasiod africans still refer to themselves as 'white'. are they consciously devoid of history as well as color?

looking at the recently revealed iraqi human rights violation photos proves unequivically that people who classify themselves as 'white' today are the same psychopaths of lynching postcards from yesterday.

consistently faking the funk....
for fear of a black/non'white' planet.

there is nothing wrong 'withe' our prodical children coming home, but if they are still eating at the swine trough of 'white'pseudo-supremacy and still claiming to be part of those 'white' leukocytes involved in the uncontrolled proliferation of 'white' blood in the human body/family, we have no other choice than to keep them in check.

our children cannot come home if they believe that 'whiteness' even exists because white supremacy is built on the premise of black/nonwhite inferiority and the fear of white genetic annihilation.

the eugenics(leukodermic) movement seeks to survive in the hueman family.

therefore people who classify themselves as 'white' are either ignorant or stubborn to this reality or in arrogance they detrimentally infiltrate/invade their host

today, to me terms like 'white moderate' and 'white rasta' are oxymorons.


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applying this standard to 'whiterasta' mod squad
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Re: applying this standard to 'whiterasta' mod squ

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