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no matter your religion, region, race, creed, cul

how many children grow up in the midst of poverty, despair, hunger, fear,
drugs, beers, sorrow, tears, and have to barrow or steal…in every hemisphere?

before tomarrow is here, let us do good works today.
in the name of Yahshua Ha Machiak i give praise to YHVH.

revelation hour is getting hotta, people running for the wata,
yet cant put out or extinguish the fya or the lava.

ini have to do something to help each other out, no doubt if mankind inite
and stop the fight in the Creators sight blessings will be multiplied.

no matter your religion, region, race, creed, culture, class or lifestyle.
love is universal; let ini make this life worthwhile.

show respect for all creation, do good and resist temptation.
trod in total separation from all evil manifestations.

spread good vibes, bless many, Yah love is plenty.
nuff righteousness to go around,there’s no need in being stingy.

if i could say one thing to the people….. your all loved equal as sisters and brothers...
take care of each other, there is nothing wrong with helping one another.

Again I say no matter lifestyle, class, culture, creed, race, region or religion.
Let love conquer the division that has been driven between the Creators children.

Love and blessings to all ini
from all ini

YAH RAS TAFARI !!!!!!!!!!!!

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no matter your religion, region, race, creed, cul
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seshatasefekht - are you free? *NM*
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