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April 2004 Rastafari Vol.1,Issue #004
S i s t r e n I t e s ! P a g e2
Contents Empress Menen ……………………….3 Her-storical information on Her Majesty Iditations ………………………………..3 Spiritual upliftment/discussion of this edition’s theme HIM Haile Selassie………………3,4 Edifying WORD from/about HIM Scripture……………………………….5 Iditations, verses, testimonies Ethiopia………………………………..6 Pictures and information from the cradle of civilization Herbal Wisdom…………………….7 Healthful information on herbs In the News…………………………..8 Recent newsworthy articles on Africa/Africans Word from the Rastafari Nation ………………………………………..9-11 News/Iditations from the Idren This Month in I-story.… .11 Celebrating I-storical events www.Rastafarionline.com Rastafarionline.com is proud to announce the launching of the Rastafarionline Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is, to our knowledge, the first Rastafari owned and supported ISP, whose purpose is to serve, not only the online customer but also the needs of the Rastafari Community. It will be serving 56k/s dialup for $20/month over a Tier 1 network covering the US and Canada! Beloved, $5 of the I’s monthly ISP payment will go into T.R.U.S.T. (The Rastafari United Services Trust) which will be a tax-exempt investment unit, whose returns will support emergency relief and welfare services for the Rastafari faith family. Current accounts will be available at ROL Works forum of InI message board. The remainder of the profit, approximating $3 per month, will be livicated to the operating expenses of ROL working committees. The current priority is the Education Committee’s International Rastafari Curriculum Project. InI give thanks heartily to Ras Tafari Almighty for the support of the Rasta family! Editor’s Note: Glory be to Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I!!! Weep not, Ababa Jan Hai is worthy to loose the seven seals!!! Greetings and perfect love to the Rastafari Collective. I once again offer up this April edition of the SistrenItes! Newsletter as a humble effort to glorify His Majesty. I would like to give special thanks for the blessed contribution of Sistren April who has offered to share her good knowledge on the wisdom and usage herbs. This month’s Iditation is FAITH, which will be referenced in various portions of this newsletter. May the Idrens FAITH be abundantly manifested! I-loveds please do not hesitate to contact I with any thoughts or text contributions. -Sis Leah Ras Tafari InI Supreme Commander, Ilect of Iyabinghi and Light of this World, He is crowned King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of Judah. He is First and for Iver, the Iver faithful witness, both Root of David and the offspring thereof, King Alpha is the bright and morning star of Bro Howell’s revelation in JA, Qedamawi Haile Sellassie I and His Ivine Queen are the keepers of the Tree of Iternal Life!!! www.Rastafarionline.com
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H.I.M.Haile Selassie Empress Menen Iditations Because of her role in the education of women, work with the poor, commitment to her spiritual beliefs and her quiet strength in the face of tribulation, Empress Menen has secured a place for herself in Ethiopian and World history as a powerful Black woman. “Every laborer is a father; his labor is his child. Choose your project carefully and achieve it worthily. If those who would lead you, say to you: Behold, the Sovereignty is in the sky!, then the birds of the sky would precede you.
Once a person has decided upon his life work and is assured that in doing the work for which he is best endowed and equipped, he is filling a vital need, what he then needs, is faith and integrity, compiled with courageous spirit so that no longer preferring himself to the fulfillment of his task, he may address himself to the problems he must solve in order to be effective.” If they say to you: It is in the sea!, then the fish {of the sea} would precede you. But the Sovereignty {of the Most High} exists within you and it exists without you. {Those who come to know themselves shall find it, and when you come to know yourselves} then you shall know that you are the Children of the Living Father. Yet if you do not know yourselves then you are impoverished and you are poverty. - H.I.M. Haile Selassie - Gospel of Thomas #3 Although Empress Menen was a powerful force in the empowerment of women in Ethiopia and world wide, she did not fit the stereotype of the modern day feminist. She stood for education and women pursuing the highest degree of education possible, yet always put her family first. She showed great strength through humility and never sought out the limelight, but preferred to let her words speak for her. Yet when it mattered, she raised her voice to speak out against injustices facing her people. Empress Menen was truly deserving of the title Queen of Queens, and although she withdrew herself from public view in 1965, she will always be remembered in the hearts of Africans, both at home and abroad. Faith Sistren haven’t InI heard many times the saying “Know Thyself” and haven’t InI endeavored to survive that oft-times bumpy journey to self-awareness and knowledge? When InI could no longer refuse to answer the call of wisdom, herself, InI girded Iselves with faith and courage and trodded forward on that eternal route to LIFE itself. Unconditional love awaits those willing to strip themselves bare of all artificial “intelligence” nurtured by ego. Fear is the clever ego’s self-protecting weapon against the soul’s yearning to return to the shelter of the Father. Be ye diligent, be comforted and fear not! – Sis Leah “We need well-qualified people who are proud of being Ethiopians; people who are proud of being Africans; people who are prepared to execute the plans that have already been envisioned. These are the caliber of men who should be produced in Our University.” -H.I.M. Haile Selassie -Adapted from text by Ruth Willis
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H.I.M.Haile Selassie Excerpts from The Emperor by Kapuscinski Commentary by L.C: He (HIM) had the habit of sleeping little and rising early, when it was still dark outside. He treated sleep as a dire necessity that purposelessly robbed him of time He would rather have spent ruling or at Imperial functions. Sleep was a private intimate interval in a life meant to be passed amid decorations and lights. That’s why He woke up seeming discontented with having slept, impatient with the very fact of sleep. Only the subsequent activities of the day restored his inner balance. Let me add, however, that the Emperor never showed the slightest sign of irritation, nervousness, anger, rage or frustration. It seemed that He never knew such states, that his nerves were cold like steel, or that He had no nerves at all. It was an inborn characteristic that His Highness knew how to develop and perfect, following the principle that in politics nervousness signifies a weakness that encourages opponents and emboldens subordinates to make secret jokes. His Majesty knew that a joke is a dangerous form of opposition, and He kept his psyche in perfect order. He got up at four or five and, when going abroad on a visit, at three in the morning. Later when things grew worse in our country, He traveled more often. Then the business of the Palace was to prepare the Emperor for the new journeys. Upon waking, He rang the buzzer on His nightstand- the vigilant servants were waiting for the sound. The lights were turned on in the Palace. It was a signal to the Empire that His Supreme Majesty had begun a new day. Commentary by I.B: I was the purse bearer to Aba Hanna Jema, the God-fearing confessor and treasurer to the Emperor. The two dignitaries were of the same age, of similar height, and they looked alike. To speak of a personal resemblance to His Distinguished Majesty, the Chosen One of God, sounds like a punishable impudence, but I am allowed such boldness in the case of Aba Hanna since the Emperor held him in the highest confidence. Aba Hanna’s un-limited access to the throne proved the intimacy of this relationship. You could even call it continuous access. As keeper of the cashbox and confessor to our much-lamented monarch, Aba could look into the Imperial soul and the Imperial pocket- in other words, he could see the Imperial person in its dignified entirety. As his purse bearer, I always accomp-anied Aba in his fiscal activities, carrying behind him the bag of top-grade lambskin that those who destroyed everything later exhibited in the streets. I also took care of another bag, a large one that was filled with small coins on the eve of national holidays: the Emperor’s birth-day, the anniversary of his coronation, and the anniversary of his return from exile. On such occasions our August Ruler went to the most crowded and lively quarter of Addis Ababa, Mercato, where on a specially constructed platform I would place the heavy, jingling bag from which His Benevolent Majesty would scoop the handfuls of coppers that He threw into the crowd of beggars and other such greedy riffraff. The mob would create such a hub-bub, however, that this charitable action always had to end in a shower of police batons against the heads of frenzied, pushy rabble. Saddened, His Highness would have to walk away from the platform. Often He was unable to empty even half the bag. Commentary by B.K.S: At noon, in my function as cloakroom attendant in the Imperial Court, I used to put upon the shoulders of His Most Extraordinary High-ness a black, floor length robe in which the monarch opened the Hour of the Supreme Court of Final Appeal, which lasted until one o’clock and was known in our language as chelot. His Majesty enjoyed this hour of justice, and when He was in the capital He never neglected his duty as a judge, even at the expense of other important duties. In accordance with tradition His Majesty spent this hour standing, listening to cases and pronouncing sentences… Standing on a platform, His Highness would hear the case as it was presented by counsel, and then pronounce his verdict. This was according to a procedure established three thousand years ago by the Israelite King Solomon, of whom His Most Exalted Majesty was a direct descendant-as established by constitutional law. www.Rastafarionline.com Email:SistrenItesEditor@rastafarionline.com V o l . 1 , I s s u e # 0 0 4
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Scripture Beloveds, through grace and mercy, InI have been blessed to come full circle to the know-ledge that the answers InI once sought outside of InIselves are indeed to be found within. For the Light of this World, Earth’s Rightful Ruler, Africa’s Great Father, His Majesty I, has shown InI that InI also carry the light which, being nurtured through FAITH and OBEDIENCE to the Word, shall cause that binding elevation and salvation. The simplicity of wisdom teaches InI that not only are InI to manifest unyielding faith but InI must also recognize that His Majesty has shown utmost faithfulness to InI from the beginning and has not wavered. The sun still shines, the herbs and vegetation continues to grow, water still flows and the light of life still glows in the hearts of each man and wombman. InI have not been, nor ever shall be forsaken! 1 Samuel 2:35 And I will raise me up a faithful priest, that shall do according to that which is in mine heart and in my mind: and I will build him a sure house; and he shall walk before mine anointed for ever. Psalm 40:10 I have not hid thy righteousness within my heart; I have declared thy faithfulness and thy sal-vation: I have not concealed thy lovingkindness and thy truth from the great congregation. Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Acts 3:16 And His name through faith in His name hath made this man strong, whom ye see and know: yea, the faith which is by HIM, hath given him this perfect soundness in the presence of you all. Faithful Testimony Recorded in Sarah Bradford’s book, Harriet Tubman: the Moses of Her People, are the remarks of some of the supporters and witnesses of Tubman’s activities on how they knew of her Faith. Her prayer was always the prayer of Faith and she had a confident expectation of help whenever she prayed. That she escaped cleverly designed traps, or that incredible physical obstacles were removed from her route to freedom did not amaze her, neither did the sudden availability of provisions, monies and supporters along the way. Her Faith allowed for all these things to occur. In speaking of one of her freedom trips into Northern USA, in which there were changes in the route she said, “God told her to stop, which she did; and then she asked Him what she must do. He told her to leave the road, and turn to the left; which she obeyed and soon came to a small stream of tide water; there was no boat, no bridge; she again inquired of her Guide what she was to do. She was told to go through. It was cold, in the month of March; but having confidence in her Guide, she went in. The water came up to her armpits. The men refused to follow till they saw her safe on the opposite shore. After wading through a second stream, the party came upon a cabin, and the inhabitants provided them with housing and comfort for that night.” Later Tubman and the escapees from slavery learned that the masters of the men had set a trap along their route and offered a large reward for the capture of their slaves. That ensnarement had been avoided through the change in plan. Of the more than three hundred (300) people she conducted to freedom, none was ever recaptured while under her supervision. Born on a plantation in Maryland in 1820, Tubman appropriated, i.e., took, her freedom in 1849. Faith without Works & Works without Faith shall remain fruitless www.Rastafarionline.com Email:SistrenItesEditor@rastafarionline.com V o l . 1 , I s s u e # 0 0 4
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Ethiopia The Blue Nile Ethiopia the land of InI Father, The land where Rastafari love to be. As the swift clouds are suddenly gathered, Thy children are gathered to thee. With our Red Gold & Green floating over I, With our Emperor to shield I from wrong, With I King and I future before I n I, I n I hail and I shout and I chant. 1955 Revised Constitution (24th day of Tekemt, 1948) Proclamation CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH HAILE SELASSIE I ELECT OF GOD, EMPEROR OF ETHIOPIA WHEREAS, twenty-four years ago, at the beginning of Our Reign, We granted to Our faithful subjects and proclaimed a Constitution for the Empire of Ethiopia; and WHEREAS, ALMIGHTY GOD, THE SOURCE OF ALL BENEFITS, has strengthened and inspired Us to lead Our beloved People, during Our Reign, through the greatest of trials and hardships, to an era of great progress in all fields; and WHEREAS, being desirous of consolidating the progress achieved and of laying a solid basis for the happiness and prosperity of the present and future generations of Our People, We have prepared a Revised Constitution for Our Empire after many years of searching study and reflection; and WHEREAS, Our Parliament, after due examination and deliberation has submitted to Us its approval of this Revised Constitution; NOW THEREFORE, WE, HAILE SELASSIE I, EMPEROR OF ETHIOPIA, do, on the occasion of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Our Coronation, hereby proclaim and place into force and effect as of to-day, the Revised Constitution of the Empire of Ethiopia for the benefit, welfare and progress of Our beloved People. GIVEN in Our Imperial Capital, on this the 24th day of Tekemt, 1948 (Ethiopian Calendar), and on the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Our Coronation. -To be continued… www.Rastafarionline.com Email:SistrenItesEditor@rastafarionline.com V o l . 1 , I s s u e # 0 0 4
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Herbal Wisdom Blessed Love in the name of the Most High, JAH RasTaFarI, Holy Alpha I Blessed Sistren, let InI give highest thanks Itinually unto the Most High One, for breath, for life, for wordsoundpower. HE hath provided all things for the wellness of man on the Earth, as a blessed gift of livity unto HIS idren. Blessed are they that seeketh to overstand the earthly mysteries of plant-food-medicine, for InI asketh and InI receiveth everytime. Let InI focus on cleansing and purifying the temple at this time. For InI clear the temple daily in prayer and deeply cleanse the tissues of the body in a regular season, just as JAH bringeth forth new life in a steady rhythm. MILK THISTLE (Blessed Mother) med as by man for the white veins of milk running through the leaves, nurturing InI fashion such as Mary nurtured Isus as a . This plant has
(Silybum Marum) Na
in a
been used as
Liver Medicine for over 2000 years due to its protective and regenerative effect on liver cells. A free radical destroyer, Milk Thistle seeks impurity and devours it. Ones exposed to toxins such as paint, pharmaceuticals, industry workers, construction workers should protect with Milk Thistle. Many benefits of using this plant include: improved skin clarity, strong resistance to environmental and chemical toxins, increased breast milk flow and quality, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, as well as improving overall immune response. TUMERIC/CURCUMIN (Curcuma Longa) A blessed herb for use in comb-ination with Milk Thistle. Tumeric is the yellow-orange rhizome that aids the liver and gallbladder. Powerful liver repairer and gallstone remover, Tumeric is an excellent antioxidant, even stronger than vitamin E. This plant is also used for acute inflammation for sprains, strains, and arthritis when used as a topical poultice at the sight of pain. DANDELION (TaraxacumOfficinalis) Detoxifies and tones the liver and gall-bladder. Powerful blood purifier and fire-heat purging activity. This herb has a strong diuretic effect without potassium loss and clears pollution and accumulated toxins. It also clears the liver of stored excess estrogens, thereby reducing PMS. Other benefits of dandelion use are remedying bloating, gall-stone prevention, breast tissue protectant, increase of digestive secretions aiding a sluggish digestive system. BUPLEURUM (Bupleurum Chinensis) This ancient Chinese herb has been used for milennia to deeply cleanse and repair the liver while simultan-eously strengthening the eyes and vision. Toning the spleen and digestive system and strengthening the liver are high qualities of bupleurum. Other symptoms aided by this herb are dizziness, irritability, nausea, abdominal pain and bloating, PMS symptoms of breast tenderness, con-stipation, depression and overstimulated nerves. In addition to the use of these herbs, always remember the power of fast and prayer. These herbs focus on blood-liver. detoxification. Ones may elect to cleanse the digestive and eliminatory tract as well by using a 3 day liquid and herbal diet, incorporating psyllium, flax seed, aloe vera juice, rhubarb, fresh lemon juice, molasses or high quality maple syrup and cayenne pepper. - Sis April (InI would like to give thanks to Sistren April for her Ilaful contribution. Any herbal or other questions/ comments may be emailed to her at: HerbalQnA@rastafarionline.com) www.Rastafarionline.com Email:SistrenItesEditor@rastafarionline.com V o l . 1 , I s s u e # 0 0 4
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In the News…. African Union Puts Women First Once Again March 18, 2004 - Special Correspondent, Addis Africa's first pan-continental parliament was inaugurated in Addis Ababa today, and immediately took a bold step, amid stirring and emotional scenes that may give a clue to the future tone and approach of the new body. The MPs' first act, after being sworn in, was to elect a woman as president of their parliament. Tanzania's Gertrude Mongella is a veteran CCM politician, ambassador and educationist who in her 34-year career has strongly supported the advancement of women. The move reinforces the strong image of the African Union as determined to advance gender equality. Half the members of the 10-person African Union Commission are women. The legal steps towards creating the PanAfrican parliament were taken at the AU summit in Maputo, Mozambique in July 2003. By late February this year, 38 member states had ratified the protocol and most of those had submitted the list of their five members of parliament. At least one of the five had to be a woman but several delegations chose two or more women, a fact which drew approving comment from Mozambique's president Chissano, chairing the inaugural session. The nomination of Ms Mongella first came from the Nigerian delegation leader who made a powerful speech in her favour, demanding to know, at one point, whether there was any point in any other candidate being put forward; seconded by Sierra Leone, his address drew loud applause and shouts of support from the surrounding delegations. The Ghanaian delegation came next, to say that they had intended to put their candidate up for the parliament's presidency but that "imbued with the spirit of unity, solidarity and sharing" they had decided to withdraw in favour of Ms Mongella. Delegates cheered even more loudly, apparently believing that her election was in the bag. But then the Sudanese delegation took the floor. They described the history and qualifications of their favoured candidate, Angelo Beda - deputy speaker of Sudan's parliament - at length, stressing his suitability for the task. The disappointment in the hall was almost palpable. But then, said the speaker, "when we decided to propose him we thought that we were proposing a man of caliber. Now we have noticed that this august hall wants a lady" I would like to tell the august hall that for the last two days we had vigorous negotiation with our colleagues from Tanzania when we never agreed to withdraw; but we are now withdrawing on the will of the house." The concession brought the house down and there were several minutes of banging, cheering and clapping as - mostly - women streamed out of their seats, weaving among the desks towards Gertrude Mongella and the Tanzanians for victory hugs and impromptu dancing, stopping en route to shake the hands of the Ghanaians and Sudanese who had so handsomely climbed down. A tiresome hour of technicalities followed as delegates argued about whether they could elect Mongella, now the sole candidate, by acclamation or whether they had to hold a secret ballot. In the end, Chissano and the lawyers won out against those who wanted to buck the rules and display complete unanimity; a lengthy ballot was held in which members scrutinized every vote cast. The result? Twenty-one against, 13 abstaining but a stunning 166 votes for Mongella, an outcome that somehow managed simultaneously to vindicate both Chissano's view that those voting against must be allowed to be register their view, and those who had argued that her supporters were so numerous that the ballot wasn't needed. Mongella, dressed in sober blue but clearly delighted, took the oath in a clear, deep voice at the podium and then gracefully received the gavel from a Chissano apparently relieved to be handing over the cares of office to the proper official. In a graceful speech she stressed her commitment to women's equality but praised the men for having done most of the changing needed to reach today's vote. Then promising to be guided by the principles of partnership between men and women, and peace, she firmly sent everyone off to lunch. www.Rastafarionline.com Email:SistrenItesEditor@rastafarionline.com V o l . 1 , I s s u e # 0 0 4
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Word from the Rasta Nation… Empress of Zion 2nd Annual Reasoning Report 2004 “Repatriation: The Only Reality” by Mama Desta Meghoo - Peddie J.D. Objectives- Provide useful information and resources to assist in the preparation for repatriation, provide opportunity for networking and strengthening individuals and organizations, create a database/skills bank of attendees to be used towards repatriation. Achievements - The establishment of two scholarships for Rastafari youths committed to repatriation and restoration of Africa; the acknowledgment of outstanding individuals in the Rastafari Community regarding repatriation; compilation of names and address to be used towards skills bank; the reinforcement of the need for and reality of repatriation; the strengthening of ties between various Rastafari mansions, organizations and individuals; the creation and strengthening of bonds with non - Rastafari/Pan African organizations committed to repatriation, the awakening and establishment of the woman's role towards the advancement of the Rastafari Movemant including repatriation; the relinquishing of years of denial for the participation of Rastafari woman in the mobilization and development of Rastafari Movemant; the undamming of years of frustration – a direct result of the exclusion of Rastafari woman - towards the advancement of the Movemant; finally the recognition of the natural right and necessity for the Rastafari woman to be an active partner in all matters related to the total liberation, redemption and repatriation of Black people. Delegates: On March 24th delegates from various Rastafari mansions began to arrive in New York to fulltake in the EOZ Reasoning. Delegates which came to present information and/or bring a message from their respective mansions, supporting repatriation, in geographical order, included: The Ethiopia World Federation, The Caribbean Rastafari Organization, Sinklebible Inc, Nurses of Israel, The Ancient Order of the Nyahbinghi Theocracy Reign, The Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress, The Twelve Tribes of Israel, The Maroon Embassy, Shashamane Foundation, Jamaica Rastafari Development Committee and more: Bahamas: Ethiopia Africa Black International Congress (EABIC) - Women's League - Empress Lilly Barbados: Caribbean Rastafari Organization - Empress Asheba Trotman Jamaica: Ancient Order of the Nyahbinghi Theocracy Reign - Matriarch Ma Ashanti, Ancient Order of the Nyahbinghi - Ras Ivi Tafari, Ancient Order of the Nyahbinghi - Empress Ibey Tafari, Ancient Order of the Nyahbinghi - Mama Blossom, EABIC - Women's League- Empress Esther, Maroon Embassy - Empress Adugo Onuro Ranglin Martinique: Ethiopia World Federation (EWF) - Empress Marie USA: California - EWF- Mama Tradition Washington DC - EOZ - Mama Farika; Shashamane Foundation – Mama Valerie Phillpotts; JRDC-Brother Karl Philpotts; EOZ-Mama Yvi Florida - EABIC - Priest Douggie, Ras Irvin Brown Ph.D, Mama Desta Meghoo - Peddie, New York- Ras Jah - Sister Cuchy Brathwaite, Sinklebible Inc. – Jah B; Nurses of Israel - Sister Phyllis Freeman; Repatriation Conference Committee - Nana Kwado Duah, Empress Ima Ethiopia; Sun Dial – Brother Rashan, EOZ - Mama Oshun Georgia - N'COBRA - Sister Njere Alghanee Texas – EABIC, Sister Lavinia – St. Croix: Nyahbinghi House Theocracy Reign- Ras Shalom Highlights - Before I get to the panels I must share a highlight of the event, in my mind. This was the equally powerful presentations by Queen Mother Jordan and Nyahbinghi Matriarch Ancient Ma Ashanti. Queen Mother Jordan who is over 80 years young and without eyesight, not only spoke of the strength and courage needed to go forward and uplift our mighty race - but she demonstrated this by asking another sister to hold her hands - she then asked for someone to sit on their crossed hands and she proceeded to lift her in the air – several times. Seeing this Elder lift a woman in the air was truly amazing and spoke to our ability to lift each other through faith and collective work.
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EOZ 2nd Annual Reasoning Report (Cont’d) Ancient Ma Ashanti - not only shared her self written songs like that of a griot - which told stories of events such as the Coral Gardens incident and the Emperor's visit to Jamaica. But she recalled the first hand brutality experienced during the 1958 Convention called by then Brother Eddie, now known as Prince Emmanuel. She referred to the only scar on her body caused by fleeing from police with her young infant in her arms. Ma has been in the Movement for 49 years and still has vivid memories of various events which took place against the Rastafari community. Due to her years in the Movement she also has a unique perspective which as she expresses sees the great development and advancement of this great faith. These two Ancients were to I the highlight of the Event. Health - Emphasized were several approaches to sound health that we must embark upon now if we are to be ready physically and mentally for our return home. Brother Rashan from Sun Dial gave examples of types of food which were available in Africa and even in times of famine could sustain and maintain good health. Jah B gave a compelling report on how we can maintain mental health and increase circulation through simple methods such as hot and cold baths, while Sister Cuchy shared the values and properties of various herbs which could not only boost our immune system in light of some of the diseases plaguing Africa, but how our children can be protected from systems which force us to immunize our children with harmful innocu-lations which could prove more harmful than the very disease. While Sister Phyllis did not address AIDS/HIV from the perspective we sought, her information and plea for request to build a well needed clinic in Shashamane was necessary. We were able to gather a collection from the gathering of about $200.00. Finally, our health cannot be ignored and though many of us abstain from flesh there is still much more we must to do to prepare for repatriation. Economics yielded some concrete information as well, namely the revitalization of the concept of a Rastafari owned and operated credit union presented by Ras Shalom. This is a concept which must eventually pursued as we all have some levels of funds and must start thinking about pooling our resources for personal and collective projects. Empress Ima emphasized the market available in the Diaspora for the distribution and sale of African goods such as shea butter, fabric and soap. Empress Ima is best known in the Rastafari community for her decades of trading with and between Africa and has a vast amount of knowledge in this area for those interested in trade with Africa. Likewise Sister Asheba shared the vision and goals of the CRO to develop sustainable projects which could help propel the repatriation movement while creating a funding source to those who are on the Mother land. I regret if I left anyone else out on the panel and hope there will be an addendum forthcoming from EOZ sisters at their earliest time. Finally, a comprehensive plan for trade and the ad-ministration of our economy is at hand and we must now take the needed steps to put these principles and proposals into action. Education - This panel was filled with such great information I do not know where to start. Suffice it to say that there is hope for our children, there are Rastafari teachers who care and are trying to develop a curriculum and various modalities to ensure our children's academic development and success. Also there are some challenges we will face when we take our children home or if we are teachers endeavoring to teach on the land, which include heavy Eurocentric education and approach. We must research and prepare our children to the best of our ability as the parent is the first teacher and even when we arrive in Africa we must still be involved in the education of our children. Grass roots - It is critical to work within our community while working on the national and international level. The grass roots is the pulse and the driving force of our work and most of all mobilizing the people cannot be done from a top down approach instead must be done from the grass roots up. Finally, we need more capacity building and need additional support and recognition of the ones in the "trenches" as they are the true foot soldiers yet the ones who get the least credit and recognition without them we cannot mobilize to go home. Role and Responsibility of Rasta Woman - This panel was very interesting as it was filled with various sisters from various mansions, yet chaired by a brethren. The purpose for those who criticized this greatly, was to show balance and also have a brethren relay the message of the importance of woman to the brethren.
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EOZ 2nd Annual Reasoning Report (Cont’d) It was successful. Our moderator, Ras Ivi, did an eloquent job of expressing the virtues and contributions of the woman coming from as early as the 1950's. He further was able to beseech the brethren to not take this for granted but instead embrace and support the woman as no movement can succeed without man and woman working together in one accord. The sisters expressed themselves in a royal and dignified manner explaining the importance of balance, the importance of our ministry as women to fulfill the creed and our importance as mothers in shaping the next generation. Finally, this panel was powerful and all the information shared raised the bar for all sisters as we prepare to return home. It challenged some of the misconceptions of woman while reinforcing our role as a creative and necessary energy in fulfilling repatriation. Repatriation and Reparations - This panel was so overwhelming, for me personally. I get teary eyed when I think of repatriation and sitting on this panel with such committed and hard working individuals was humbling. We must increase our support for the present repatriation efforts in Africa. We have a community in Shashamane that could increase and thrive if we supported their efforts. We must challenge ourselves and realize our collective responsibility. Much work is also going on at the international and intergovernmental and NGO level on repatriation, the question is are we really ready or is repatriation just a slogan? The panel clearly saw it as more, and work unceasingly on both repatriation and reparations. We must take the time to support the efforts in Ethiopia, Benin, South Africa, Ghana and anywhere I an I are. No excuses; even ten dollars goes a long way. Link up with organs and individuals you know on the land, keep in touch and support them. Do not abandon those who have taken the bold step of going home such as our Ancients Bongo Rocky and Mama Baby I. Get your passports, make sure your children, also, have passports - start there - research recent info on the areas you are most interested in - talk to two or three families in your community and start planning what you can do together and how you can pool resources. Make your plan and pray for the fulfillment. This panel was truly filled with great information. Another important component of the gathering was the Nyahbinghi Ises and BoboShanti Sabbatical Service. Finally, the concert on Saturday night was filled with energy and vibrancy. As the poets, singers and players of instruments all gathered to praise Jah in their varied ways. The audience got a great show from all the performers including Artganic and the Black Cinderella, the headliner Sister Carole, who I am told, gave a wonderful show filled with the power and might which rocked the faithful fans till well into the five o' clock bells. We are so thankful for Sister Carol's par-ticipation, it was like icing on the cake. Much blessings!! (The 2nd Empress of Zion Conference took place in Brooklyn, NYC from March 25 – 28, 2004. The Rastafarionline community would like to send a royal salute to the EOZ sistrens, who through faith and diligence, created a most successful conference!!! The event was truly blessed and will prove to increase in strength on a yearly basis! For more information the sistren’s sites are: www.empressofzion.com, and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EmpressofZionCollective/) This Month in I-story: April It is on April 21, 1966 that HIM plane landed in Palisadoes airport bringing with it a rainbow in the sky after a cleansing rain! And He was greeted by a spontaneous burst of love and honour from the Incient Ithiopians of JA chanting “The conquering lion will break every chain, the conquering lion will break every chain….” With Nyahbinghi drums ringing out loud claps of lightning and thunder, Ras Kumi was summoned by the King of Kings and he found his hoarse voice restored to strength by HIM touching the tip of his index finger, and he chanted “Why do the heathen rage? And the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the world set themselves, and rulers take counsels against the I AM and against His anointed, saying ‘Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us….” And the Rastaman and woman made a way like a parting of seas for HIM to descend and bless the island of Jamaica. Rastafari!!! www.Rastafarionline.com Email:SistrenItesEditor@rastafarionline.com V o l . 1 , I s s u e # 0 0 4

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