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Re: Racism at the Core *LINK*

Indeed a conservative estimate...the systematic workings of the US is acountable by proxy for alot more deaths and also all of the brutality filled acts for those who survived...the overwhelming majority being committed on darker skinned people.

Chronological list of US murder toll: [under construction]

The murder toll has been achieved by either direct violence (e.g. the firebombing and nuking of Japan or the firebombing of Dresden) or indirect/proxy “low intensity conflict” (e.g. Rwanda in the 90s or Nicaragua in the 80s). (I have not here accounted for the deaths attributable to SAP.) Some extremely conservative estimates—

Native Americans (1776-2002): 4M

West Africans (1776-1865): 4M

Philippines (1898-1904): 600K

Germany (1945): 200K

Japan (1945): 900K

China (1945-60): 200K

Greece (1947-49): 100K

Korea (1951-53): 2M

Guatemala (1954-2002): 300K

Vietnam (1960-75): 2M

Laos (1965-73): 500K

Cambodia (1969-75): 1M

Indonesia (1965): 500K

Colombia (1966-2002): 500K

Oman (1970): 10K

Bangladesh (1971): 2M

Uganda (1971-1979): 200K

Chile (1973-1990): 20K

East Timor (1975): 200K

Angola (1975-2002): 1.5M

Argentina (1976-1979): 30K

Afghanistan (1978-2002): 1M

El Salvador (1980-95): 100K

Nicaragua (1980-90): 100K

Mozambique (1981-1988): 1M

Turkey (1984-2002): 50K

Rwanda (1990-1996): 1M

Iraq (1991-2002): 1M

Somalia (1991-1994): 300K

Yugoslavia (1991-2002): 300K

Liberia (1992-2002): 150K

Burundi (1993-1999): 200K

Sudan (1998): 100K

Congo (1998-2002): 3M

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Re: Racism at the Core of Iraq Invasion
Re: Racism at the Core *LINK*
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