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Re: on "one love"
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see if you pay attention to times you wouldnt fight what im saying. you are obviously one of those bible thumpers Iyah learn about your ancestors and stop believing in the adam and eve theory. like I stated in the website TIME WILL TELL WHO IS THE REAL RASTA. come on now bredren study further and dont be like those who are ignorant. we are black africans with a completely different story from the white man. the white man have him bible we have tablets and pyramids which speak of ancient truths iyah WAKE UP. dont be afraid to question the origins of mankind iyah. lift yourself fropm the dunghill and cut out the self righteous crap that self righteous attitude is EXACTLY WHAT HINDERS INI PROGRESS AS A MOVEMENT . RASTAS SWEAR THEY KNOW THE TRUTH AND ARE FREE BUT YET CANT GRASP WHAT IM SAYING. man yall got some maturing to do
peace and love idren i overstand you fully I really do!!!!!!

Ras Tafari

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on "one love"
Re: on "one love"
Re: on "one love"
Re: on "one love"
Re: on "one love"
Re: on "one love"
Re: on "one love"

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