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Re: No Colorblindness in Rastafari
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Ras Naphtali:"On this board, I keep seeing more topics about white rastas and white people being mean and evil, white priveledge, etc.
Is it not rasta that is NOT to look at others colours, for Jah sees no colour, so why should we. I just ask you, think about this and try to see this as converted racism, hate against the white race. It's just a question, not an accusion."

Maybe you would like to point out the specific instances where you say that you see 'more topics about white rastas and white people being mean and evil'

With regards to the topic of white privilege, that is a reality that informed Blacks and Whites will continue to raise despite the protestations that say that we should be colorblind. Few Blacks are under the illusion of 'no race' and 'one love' as their experience in society shows clearly that this is not the case. Whenever Africans stand up for themselves against Eurocentric domination they are often labelled as racist by reactionary elements. The whites who do this, do not see this as a manifestation of their white privilege and arrogance. This is ironical as they are perpetuating the same white privilege and arrogance that they try to deny exists. They are not content with their domination of mainstream media but see it fit to come and dictate what Africans should discuss on a African/Rasta forum.

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