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I think joh as a man
In Response To: is god a human ()

look, beliving that ther is a man standing on the clouds a say thigs and doing the world as he wishes is irrasional.
I truely belive joh is in the peopel, and he is the people.
when man got the power 2 make choises- is when god became a part of us. u see, the power of will of a group of people is so strong and effective that its can change the world! look on a religion- if god is there or not, the power of their faith is the one that metters. in fact jah is sitting in side u, and with every littel act he puts his tuch in 2 the world.

so u can say that joh is actualy a man, or a group of men an women-
and he acts thru the power of chois!
we choos for better world- we choos 2 creat harmoney- that what make us Rasta! not the color of my skin ( :-\ ) or anything else...
we shell unite through our belife and choises, not thre hate, descrimination and unfogifness..

joh bless

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is god a human
I think joh as a man

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