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Re: Is Black nationalism another target?

"A thought that has been with me for a while is with all this terrorism and so called acts of terrorism will Black nationalist movements be the next target, the next movement to labeled a terrorist organization/group?"

Black nationist groups have always been labelled as terrorists and threats to the White supremist order. Cointelpro is alive and well.

"Over the last couple of months the name RASTAFARI has been linked with so called french terror suspect Wille Brigette by Australian, British and French media because of his apperance(Locks)"

Remember that Rastafari elders' locks were cut off just to erase any remnant of IanI crown. Now days, the rascals and criminals with locks put more focus on the dread.

"Have those who are involved in work to uplift Black movements noticed anything in relation to western power stepping down harder on movements than they have been over the last 5 years or so?"

The fiyah gets hotter but it has always been hot here in the belly of the beast.

"If these movements are labeled as so then it would be very interesting to see where the so called white RASTA will stand then in relation to his/her true dedication to helping Black people and their nations move forward."

You see, people get it twisted. Until the balance is restored and white supremacy is destroyed, there can be no 'white' rasta. Only those who are trying to relate but dont really feel it, thereby, not knowing it.

Bless up

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