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I dont promote it outside Rastafari but its differ

its different in Ras as its a militant trod and embraces africanness and all races of ras are identifying with there african roots , king and destnation. where as outside you gotta worry about the white whshins or americanizing of the person of color. I tell the I I know a bredrin white bredrin with a black impress and them tough !`Fully committed to Fari, and not just spirituality Im talking Pan African movement! Doing works in yard , also the land grant in ithiopia, and in the states. Man there is NO limitations. Its seems even if its not race , certain ones get off trying to monolopize fari. even where its strictly black I see alot of hatin on one and other and also some slack livity , Just this week in a road trip down the cali coast I seen beer drinking at a binghi ises , one berdein even sat a beer down and picked op a kette! and he was ewf ! pure follie , I seen sisrin trying to back bite one and other , I seen a rasta youth playing with a military helicopter , a different ras youth with a big ol squirt GUN ,all the ones sending them youth to public schools ? Fire! These are the real issues ( and then some ) not Race . I know ras of every nation! As far as i see its never been a race issue , its not cause the Elders were black them chant freedom , its cause them human and want to not suffer ! Yes I , Iniversial liberation ! Every knee shall bow !

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I dont promote it outside Rastafari but its differ

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