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Greets Again Bredrin... may I allso suggest to di I dat deh is nuff commentarys wich outline each verse an give a discourse on wha di verses mean, wid explanations of why certain tings happened, certain events an such...one such commentary is Matthew Henrys Concise Commentary, which is available online...now hear is some of I womans overstandment pon di glorious event of Elijah 'ascending to heaven'...Elijah was giving di people di Word of God..Elisha was to be di next prophet to 'take over' from Elijah..now at dat time whan Elijah was illustrating di Word, Jah came to Elijah to take him up..it served a few purposes if yuh look deeply into scripture..one is dat di mantle which Elijah wore as a great prophet was allso symbolic (not to be revered like a sacred relic ting)fi di prophet..whan Elisha took di mantle dat allowed fi di people dem to feel encouraged despite Elijah disappearance, an allso it allowed di people fi know dat JAH IS WID DEM..A TING DEM COULD VISUALIZE AN KNOW IT CAME FROM DI PROPHET AN HE CAME FROM GOD!! now if INI look pon di manner which Elijah was taken up..gloriously in a fiery chariot, nuh true? It was in a sense a likkle fore taste of another glorious an light filled ascension...Jesus Christ!!! Yes I lang before Jesus was even born, He was prophesized to come, die an gloriously arise..an as Elijah had given Elisha di Word of God, Christ had given His disciples di Word of God, fi encouragemant, an to fullfill di prophecy..yuhseeit? Allright Bredrin dat is how I woman overstan, but it is good to chek nuff interpretations an commentaries an keep praying an asking qwestions, an Jah will reveal it to yuh, fi sure..I tink seh no matter what it is a good ting dat yuh read di bible, an not jus go over a few scripture which people cya tek out of di context of di chapter...wow, mi glad to see a next seeker yuh know, blessed Iyah!!!!!
in His Light an Love
kaya I

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