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Re: smoking vs eating the herb
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You are so right my brother, too much of any thing can be excesssive, and can distroy the natural balance. When we do things in moderation, we learn as we live from day to day. Some herbs are just meant for seasoning, in order to get the proper benefits. For instance, if you are cooking a pot of soup, you may put a little pepper in it to taste, but you would not put a whole cup of red pepper in your soup, since you would not be able to consume it, it would be just too hot.

Therefore, if you find that you have boiled the herbs tea too strong, you should not drink it, you learn that maybe too much herb was placed on the fire, and maybe it was boiled too long on the fire. In making a cup of herbs tea, let us think of a tea bag, and use just enough to make the tea right. Do not put the herbs on the fire to cook, boil the water and then throw it in the cup with just enough herbs to make a balance cup of tea. Coconut milk will be good with it as well as honey.

I do not think that we should put religion above our natural health. Again I think that smoking herbs is not the best way of healing, there are medicinal values in herbs but we must find the best way to use it. I do not think smoke is good for human consumption, I do think that the brown tar which is produced, as a result of burning herbs, is good for human consumption. For practical evidence, consult your kutchie pipe, your steam pipe, are the end of the spliff which is placed in your mouth when smoking.

I am not teaching religion here, I am just speaking of things which I have discovered, It is just a shame that some of our people refuse to be honest in there reasoning, and continue to make a fool of themselves, in the presence of the international community on this forum of reasoning. I do not speak without first doing my investigation. Take good care of yourself and use moderation in everything that you do. I am not one who will be afraid to speak what my internal teacher have taught. I may be the only one in this wilderness addressing this very controversal issue, but I do not need a crowd to speak on a subject which is reasonable to I. It is people who cause changes in this world, so do not be afraid to speak your mind in a reasonable way.
Again I send many oceans of blessings with self determination.
Baba Ras Marcus.

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smoking vs eating the herb
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