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it looks to me as if they are providing historical info. how do you KNOW that these people are evil. do you know their hearts?
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History of Haile Selassie Lodge No. 90

“ As The Sun Rises In The East So Shall He”

On July 15, 1992, At A Regular Annual Communication Of The Grand Lodge Held In The City Of Spokane, Washington A Charter Was Granted To Haile Selassie Lodge #90. How Could Anyone Know That Day Would Be The Beginning Of Such A Glorious Lodge. Since That Day Many A Brethren Have United In Fellowship In The Hollowed Chambers Of Haile Selassie. It All Began One August Day In 1992, When Pm Lyndon R. Tarver Opened The Lodge To Begin The Fine Works That Have Become The Reputation Of This Worshipful Lodge. After Pm Tarver’s Term In The East, WM Timothy Alston Became The Shepherd Of The Lodge, His Term Was Cut Short By A Military Deployment That Left WM Timothy Person To Instruct And Guide The Lodge. The November 1994 Election Began The Term Of WM Gregory L. Stokes Who Has Lead The Lodge Through Many Trying Times With The Patience Of Job. Now Let Us Learn Something Of The Name Sake Of This Lodge.

Born Tafari Makonnen On July 23, 1892 In Harer, Ethiopia. Haile Selassie Is Said To Have Been The Last In A Long Line Of Emperors Of Ethiopia. It’s Also Said That He Is The 111th Descendant Of King Solomon And The Queen Of Sheba. His Father Ras Makonnen Was The Governor Of Harer And Adviser To His Cousin, Emperor Menelik II. While Only A Few Days Old Tafari Was Baptized And Given A Christian Name Haile Selassie Meaning Power (Power Of The Trinity); A Name He Would Use Later As Ruler.

Tafari Being Reared In The Christian Faith And Educated By European Tutors Traveled A Lot As A Young Man; But Before Tafari Could Complete His Education His Father Died In 1906. Even Though His Powerful Father Was Dead His Political Education Advanced Rapidly; Also Did His Political Friends. In 1910 Tafari Already Having Been Named District Governor In Harer Province, He Was Named The Governor Of Harer As A Whole Thus; Giving Him Even More Political Power.

Now Having The Power He Most Needed; Tafari Helped His Country By Starting The Rebuilding Process Using The Programs His Father Started. Even With His Reforms And Modernization There Was Still Civil Unrest In His Country. Due To His Physical Illness Brought On By Two Minor Strokes Emperor Menelik Was Overthrown By His Grandson Lij Iyasu A Converted Muslim. Being The New Emperor’s Cousin And A Christian, Haile Selassie Drove His Cousin From The Throne. Thus, Installing His Aunt Empress Zauditu Who Upon Her Appointment Made Tafari At Age Twenty-Four A Ras (Duke), Heir Presumptive And Regent. He Was Also Invested With The Grand Cordon Of The Order Of Solomon.

Ras Tafari Being Appointed Direct Heir To The Throne Gave Him A Wider Grasp On His Country, By Giving Him The Power To End Slavery And The Slave Trade. Thus; Enabling Ethiopia To Gain Entry Into The League Of Nations. Now With The League Of Nations Backing Him Ras Tafari Could Travel Abroad And Gain Ideals To Take Back To Ethiopia And Possibly Use In His System. In The Mid-1920’s Ras Tafari Took Control Of The Army And By 1928 Had Increased His Authority, While The Empress’s Power And Authority Lad Lessened. On October 7, 1928 Ras Tafari Was Crowned Negus (King).

Now That The Empress Was Losing Authority And Power Her Estranged Husband Ras Gugsa Wolie Attempted A Coup Against Tafari. Wolie Being Killed In The Coup Attempt And His Wife The Empress Dying One Day Later From Unknown Causes, Ras Tafari With The Endorsement From The Archbishop, Declared Himself Negusa Nagast (King Of Kings); Thus, Taking His Baptismal Name Haile Selassie.

Then On November 2, 1930, In A Grand Ceremony To Which World Leaders Were Invited Haile Selassie Was Crowned His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I, King Of Kings Of Ethiopia, Conquering Lion Of Judah, And Elect Of God. Thus; From That Point Ethiopia Has Become It’s Own Country By Symbolizing Rebirth Through Enhancement In Education, Public Health, And Rebuilding Roads.

Unfortunately These Long-Overdue Changes Would Be Halted By Actions Taken Against Ethiopia By Italy. Haile Selassie Unaware Of Benito Mussolini And His Designs For Africa Had Trusted In The League Of Nations To Protect Them From Attacks. Haile Selassie With His Constant Cry For Help To The League Of Nations, Who Did Nothing To Help, Was Thrown Into Battle With Italy. On October 5, 1935 Haile Selassie Who Led His Warriors Into Battle Was Greatly Over Matched And Lost What Was The First Sign Of Ethiopian Independence In Recorded History. Now Exiled And Living In England He Appealed To The League Of Nations To Help Him Rid His Country Of It’s Unwelcome Guest, But As Before It Fell Upon Deaf Ears. His Majesty Vowed To Reclaim His Land With The Help Of Great Britain Who Recognized Him As An Ally In January 1941.

Now That He Had Joined Forces With Britain, Haile Selassie Re-entered Addis Ababa On May 4, 1941. His Majesty Back On His Home Land Felt This Was Not His Land Until He Made Some Changes. He Wanted To Annex Eritrea, He Took This Proposal To The Floor Of The United Nations (Formerly The League Of Nations) In December 1950. By Once Again Placing His Country In The Spotlight His Majesty Became A Very Traveled World Leader. Because Of His Extensive Travels He Lost Contact With Domestic Concerns Which Led To A Successful Coup On September 12, 1974. Haile Selassie Was Detained And Made A Prisoner In His Own Palace. Now Stripped Of His Powers And Unaided By Any Country He Died On August 27, 1977, Of Natural Causes.

Haile Selassie Lodge Was Chartered On 15th July 1992 To Operate In Kitzingen, Germany By Most Worshipful Grandmaster Daniel L. Lunsford. The Principle Officers Of The Most Worshipful Grand lodge Of The State Of Washington At The Time Of Haile Selassie Lodge # 90 Chartering Were: Most Worshipful Grand Master Daniel L. Lunsford, Deputy Grand Master Victor S. Baxter, Grand Senior Warden William C. Rheubottom, Grand Junior Warden James B. Sloan. The Charter Was Signed And Sealed By The Grand Lodge in The Great City Of Spokane Washington On 15 July 1992.

The First Principle Officers Of Haile Selassie Lodge # 90 Were: Worshipful Master Lyndon Tarver, Senior Warden Erillean Mclean and Junior Warden James Gary Jr.

The Following Past Masters Have Served Proudly Or Either Been Bestowed With The Distinguished Title Of Past Masters Of Haile Selassie Lodge # 90

PM Lyndon Tarver
PM George E. Minick

PM Donald Sloan
PM Alexander Carter
PM JOHN A. Wilson

PM Alberto Sanabria

Haile Selassie Lodge # 90 Currently Meet In The Wurzburg Community At The Middle School Multi Purpose Room. Haile Selassie Lodge # 90 Current Administration ( 2002 – 2003 ) Consists Of Worshipful Master John E. Shingles Jr., Senior Warden Valantine Gant, Junior Warden Tracy Turner, Secretary Gregory Dean, Treasurer Webster Riley, Senior Deacon Jere F. Hawkins, Junior Deacon Robert L. Moreno, Marshall Kevin L. Bryant, Chaplain Kevin Adams, Senior Steward Lewis Petteway, Junior Steward Charles Gilmore, Tyler Omir L. Benson. The Lodge Currently Meets On The 2nd & 4th Saturday of each Month. Master Mason Study Hall is Every Thursday of Each Month.

Haile Selassie Lodge # 90 Has Been A Pillar In The Wurzburg Community. Each Year We Strive To Do More Charity Work And Sponsor Different Organization In Our Community. Last Year We Sponsored The Community Gift Wrapping For Christmas, Which Rose Over $10.000 For Our Community. We Will Continue To Be A “Conquering Lion” In Our Community By Leading By Example. H.S.L # 90 Has Surpassed Many Obstacles Such As Numerous PCS, The Draw Down Phase Of The Military. The G.A.O.T.U Have Allowed Us To Come To A New Mark In Our Lodge History By Celebrating Our (10) Tenth Year Anniversary This Year!

“ Behold How Good And Pleasant It Is For Brethren To Dwell Together In Unity. It is Like The Precious Ointment On The Head, That Ran Down The Beard, Even Aarons Beard, That Went Down To The Skirts Of His Garments; As The Dew Of Hermon, And As The Dew That Descended Upon The Mountains Of Zion; For There The Lord Commanded The Blessing, Even Life For Evermore.” Psalms 133rd

WM John E. Shingles Jr.

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