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What is the government doing towards making tomorrow be a good future for the children?the teachers need to get themselves organized,centralized then separate the schools rotation,forming a structure of good parents who remembered their positive values,be the ones to tell the government what needs to done in their schools,instead of the goverment telling.How can they love our children when they are so happy to build them prisons,instead of venues for learning..

Separation of church and states,yet nobody to say separate the schools from the same state,the school system needs some tuff laws to bend forward some of these why are they acking so,a question that kept coming at me daily.The cane is needed in the class rooms,talking about abusing.

It would be better for the teachers to abused them now more than you the system abused them later,putting them into your confinements or prison facillities.Talking about abusing kids,it is better for the teachers to abuse them now with the cane,seeing that it all comes down to an heather or either situation,

So called abused them now and everyone live in love and inity later,or pet them down now and tomorrow comes sorrow,or maybe is because I daddy would cane I to be who I am today.Its time to past laws with stiff penalties for parents who want to come exalt in the teachers face after good teachers whipped their captured or was handed down to them kids or children.

Full time for the sparing of the rod to come to a ceased,the rod is a method for the future to be worth while living..

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