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Re: blame the Jews....but why?
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Greetings an Much Love to di I
Yes Bredrin deh is nuff hatred amongst people to blame di Jews fi di Crucifixion of Jesus. It is true dat Ciaphas was a member of a high order of Jewish Rabbi or Priests, an it was he an addah members of di groups like dat who really wanted Jesus murdered. Di people seemed to follow fashion if yuh overstan wha I woman mean..dem seem not to have any backbone, an follow di trend as it was followed by addahs...dat is why mi allways tell Rastafari not to follow wha a next man seh, unless dem chek it out fi demself. Any way it was prophecy dat Jesus would die, an it as yuh know had to happen as di wages of sin is death an Jah cyaant lie, true? an ones pon di board mention romans as dem nuh di ones to be blame, an mi cya overstan di vexation wid romans, since it was roman pontius pilate who actually put INI Saviour to death, BUT, as Jesus seh at di end of His earthly life..forgive dem Faddah for dem know not wha dem do..di romans was just as lost as di Israelites who did dem debauchery yuh know?
Yes I, follow fashion, dem seem to do, an in dat idea mi allways wonder if I woman would have been present would I been one a di ones to follow fashion? Mi allways pray fi forgiveness fi dem thoughts an ask Jahovia to strengthen I woman, since mi know seh di day may come whan mi haffi die fi mi faith, an nuh follow di crowd, yuhseeit?
Mi tink seh mi could run up pon a muslim who would kill I woman fi mi faith...would I deny Jesus? Lord, mi haffi pray right now!
Give thanks Iyah..an nuh fret di mocking from ones, it is jus di beginning fi INI, as times get hotta. I apprecialove yuh Faith!
in His Love an Light
kaya I

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blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?

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