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Fiya Chief, I got to disagree with you here just like how I disagree with my grandfather when he says the same thing. Even 2Pac said once he wanted Colin for prez, I don't know what my brother Pac was thinking there cos he was usually a lot more clear-headed than people give him creidit for.
Colin Powell ain't gone do a damn thing for Black people in America or anywhere. He is a straight-up house n*gga just as Harry Belafonte said. Back in the days of Vietnam he was one of the people who tried to cover up the My Lai massacre. After the first Gulf War, when asked how many civilians had been killed, he replied "that's not a number I'm terribly interested in". What progressive stance has Colin Powell ever taken on anything related to Africans or poor people in general? Has he even defended affirmative action let alone reparations? It's time Black people stop deluding ourselves into thinking that if only somebody Black (just barely Black in Colin's case) was in the white house, things would be better. Yo, it's still the WHITE House folks. The satans who run things will NEVER let anybody get into a position of power within THEIR system unless that person toes their line completely. JFK didn't even oppose their system, just quibbled with them over a few points, and look what happened to him. If someone, Black, white or other, somehow managed to get into the white house who truly had Black and poor people's interests in mind, how long you think they'd let him or her last? I say about a week before they get their head blown off or "commit suicide" like that British whistleblower (who to me was OBVIOUSLY murdered by Tony Blair and co., but I digress).
How could we beat them at their own game when they made the rules and can change them as they see fit? I say the system needs to be destroyed and replaced, not infiltrated and reformed.

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Re: Blackman President *LINK*
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