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Re: blame the Jews....but why?
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Who would have thought Timmy would have something intelligent to say!!!! I guess reasoning with us Rastas is paying off. Tell them about us when they do another IQ test on you.

But I digress.

The reason Christendom blames the Jews is that most Jews rejected Christ as a Messiah. But the Romans did, so the authors of the Gospels saw fit to portray Rome as enlightened and Jews hard-hearted. That is why Pontius Pilate- known elsewhere in surviving records as a brutal, really nasty man, is portrayed as having tried to reason with the Jews and washed his hands off the matter. Anyone who has read of him will wonder that he cared so much about what was in Roman Legal terms a mere troublemaker who deserved to be whipped a couple of times and sent home.

I find this anti-Semitism sickening. We as Rastafarians need to disatnce ourselves from hatred of any race- yet ready to stand up against anyone that would seek to harm us. We must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. For those that do not know, many scholars list Rastafari as a Jewish sect.

But why have the Jews still not accepted any Messiah? Well, they have waited for a long time and were wrong several times. One of those times saw them rising up against Roman occupation, then feeling the might of Rome's revenge. Millions were slaughtered or died of hunger or disease during the siege of Jerusalem. Since then, no Jewish leader would dare proclaim anyone a Messiah and risk another holocaust.

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blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?
Re: blame the Jews....but why?

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