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Re: Burying U Alive...the world
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Yes I.. some a dem is livin dead..

so it go like this..
when i run into the LAW, them done complicate the ting so much that I can never truly argue him case in defense of MY cause, I need a LAWYER.. a lawyer cant be a LAWYER witout goin to them SCHOOLS, them SCHOOLS cant establish withouth adhering to them LAWS, and you cant knwo them LAWS unless u is a LAWYER

mi drop down sick mi couldnt help miself, so i need a DOCTOR, mi nae have no money so them sen BILL COLLECTOR, i never know the fine print so i call the LAWYER, the LAWYER talk to the JUDGE (who apparently been through the initiation of the secret code) and reach agreement wit my LAWYER, and in order for me to pay it off i need a JOB, now to get a JOB i need to get a phsyical check up.. and to get a chek up i need a DOCTOR, to pay the DOCTOR i need a JOB but i DONT have a JOB so i gotto call my LAWYER

I got me a JOB i need CLOTHES to WEAR, so i get a advance an hope it dont advance. They tel me to look appropriate so i get a shirt an this noose lookin ting an TIE rope aroun mi neck. I now look civilized, but i cant WALK to work i need a CAR to make sure i REACH on time. I CANT be LATE cus time is MONEY. It kind of FUNNY cus NOW i HUNGRY an i need sum MONEY. The food trees are BEARING, the Blossom is BLOOMING, but i have to be APPROPRIATE an go to BURGER KING,

I go in MY CAR, an the sun is BURNIN, in my SUIT AN TIE it jus get EXTRA WARM. I stay CALM cus i can easily turn my AIRCONDITIONING on. I go to burger KING an ORDER a HAMBUGER, hmm.. i mite get thirsty so let me BUY a BOTTLE of WATER

AFter all that DRIVIN, my CAR start ACTING FUNNY, only ting is it not so FUNNY, cus i need GAS an i better get me sum MONEY faas. IF i nuh HURRY i will BREAKDOWN, an i will need a TOWTRUCK. I start SPEED, only to RUN into the BACK of MISTER REID, is a good ting i have a CELL PHONE so i call the POLICE. The POLICE make haste come an ask mi FOR inSURANCE i realize it expire, i realize where i at.. i need a LAWYER FOR HIRE

'When you think its peace and safety
A sudden destruction collective security for surety
Don't forget your history know your destiny
In the abundance of water the fool is thirsty
Rat race, rat race, rat race

Oh it's a disgrace to see the human-race in a rat race, rat race you got the horse race you got the dog race you got the human-race
But this is a rat race, rat race' - WAILERS

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Re: Burying U Alive...the world
Re: Burying U Alive...the world

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