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It seems an unhappy or upsetting feeling for the majority of Whites to recognize their unbalanced power and often harsh, rude, selfish and unloving destructive behavior. If a few Whites pretend to really have a deep concern for humanity. Then, one important step for them to tune with their higher consciousness (compassion) is to experience the wide range of feelings of anger of Blacks. Often, however, Whites want everybody to think positively, as to not hurt their negative feelings. They are very surprised when Blacks feel their negative feelings even more than themselves.

Black anger (Whites erroneously called it Black racism) is expressed because our true power has been suppressed and other people to have undue power over us. We Blacks are surrounded, by the encompassing racist White Supremacist oppression. We experience and see the slaughter and abuse of our people each day via domestic and international terrorism, the Neo Nazis, the racist news media, racial profiling, racist police depts., racist police acquittals, drops in Black college, drops in Black employment as a result of an AA repeal, destruction of Black national identity, forcing democracy on our nations and punishing some of them by imposing sanctions and embargoes for refusing to follow Western instructions. In addition, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, the EU, The G8 and Nato all are agents of White Supremacy and leave us in utter confusion and weakness only to benefit White people.

Therefore, from what we experience and see daily, many Black people who are growing more conscious like myself express their anger. It's very positive. It means we are reclaiming our power. I encourage Blacks to allow themselves to be angry as to feel more and regain their personal power. Next, we have to draw this anger inward to heal ourselves consciously. Only then, we will stop feeling helpless and we will be able to use this energy to change the outside world that has been violating us for 400 years. If Blacks resist this intense sensation they are experiencing, they will have more pain. So, we must learn to listen to this feeling that is part of a powerful flow of energy that will enrich our lives.

Similarly, if White conscious seekers do not allow themselves to feel the anger of Blacks in their lives thoughtfully, they will never experience and release their own conscious or unconscious racist emotional blocks and learn to live in a more enlightened compassionate way. Personal responsibility is the hallmark of successful living for all human beings on this planet because a substantial healing only occur when people are willing to hear their inner and other people feelings.

Bantu Kelani.

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