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Re: Demonizing in the name of Christianity

there is truth which cannot be denied about
wicked legacy of certain missionaries.
however, all cannot be condemed.
we who are in this time have no
sure fire way of returning to the past to
see who actually walked in the livity
of the Messiah,
so it would be unfair to label
ALL missionaries as wicked.
true missionaries came to spread
one thing....the gospel of Jesus Christ.

it is sad indeed that these things
were perpertrated by ones using this title
so now even the word missionary
itself leaves a negative taste
with many.

let us remember that
Christ was never a christian
nor did he come
preaching a new religion.
He didn't even come in his own name
but in the name of He who sent him...
Almighty God.

also, let us not forget
that many of our own well known
and respected liberators
such as Nat Turner, who himself was a preacher,
and brother Marcus Garvey,
followed the
very same Christ
others tried to use the name to
Justify acts which were
the exact opposite of who
Yesus is,
and what the gospel is
all about.

love and mercy be with thee

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Re: Demonizing in the name of Christianity

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