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Re: Coptic Rasta?
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yeah, frm what I know and can share is, Marcus Garvey had followers who started a Coptic Church, many were middle class ex-hippies (White) people, who imbraced haile Selassie I, which gave them a freedom to pick and choose which Rastafari principals they wanted to follow.

(Marcus Garvey was in tight alliance with the Coptic Orthodox Church (for there are many different coptic churches) that is how he sealed up the trinity concept, with Prophet ,Priest and King, "Marcus Prophet, King of Togo and he is the King of UNIA, and Priest Mcguire of the AFRICAN orthodox church, goes to show you that Bobo Shanti is not teaching you some new concept, trinity Prophet priest and King,\

My Lord there are many Rastas groups, everyone a try start them onn Rasta thing, if you look at the family tree of these groups they all root in one and to one man, Emmanuel Charles Edwards, L.P Howell(who they say started the RAstafari movement), was Emmanuel's Secratery, with Mortimer Plano in his footsteps, (think about that for a moment)YES!Emmanuel's!!!

there are many different groups, yes give thanks for them, I' not fighting them, but there is only one Rastafari Church (look around, it is a FACT), and many even after they hear this will still be stiff necked and will try to say all kind of things to degrade the EABIC, however, the fact is, One GOd, One Church, One Nation, as Selassie showed you and told you the importance is church, Jes-us Christ, Melchizedek, the High Priest, King Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari

Blessed Love, Emmanuel told us and all that all houses are supposed to keep doing what they are doing in ther own little groups (as long as it benifits Africa), but we all shall organize in OUR church, is that not the purpose of a church, is that not what Christ Came, come, and will come to do, run and establish the church (for he is the HIgh Priest himself) "every knee shall bow and every toung shall comfess" "he come for all nations in Black Supremacy in Rightiousness of Salvation

Blessed Love

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