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Re: Does skin color matter? *LINK*
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Race, that is still the question. Or should we clarify that by stating "colour" as the defining note. Unfortunately, YES, skin colour does matter.

Though the world's population is predominately one of colour, we've been tricked into splitting ourselves up into their catagorized groups of shades of colour and now believe the lie that we are the "minority". In fact, the MAJORITY of the world's peoples are peoples of colour, from yellow, to red, to brown, to black.

There is no doubt that the WORLD is under the influence of one mind-set, that of the lighter (white) race. We, too often, sight up the attributes of the other as being that worthy of interest or reverence. We use their standard as the one true standard of beauty, their skinny women, their straight hair, their green or blue eyes, etc. (while they attempt to fatten their lips & buttocks, tan their skin and curl their hair.) But, it is natural that the dominant culture's values are the ones adopted by its subjects.

It is to the point of the peoples of colour living in a state of psychological impairment. Yes, as it has been stated, we are somewhat mentally ill if we continue to beleive and support the worshiping of something other than our natural self. The more we uphold this mind-set, the more we add to our own demise. This stance is not one of "self preservation". No group can exist for long in this mentality.

If you are to ask, "why do you apply that bleaching cream to your skin, straighten your hair, wear false (colored) contacts, young woman or man?" The response would naturally be, "to look prettIER". Your next question should be, "prettier than what?" "Prettier than my NATURAL self" would be the true-felt response.

We are, indeed, a beautiful people. Where else can you find such variation, sturdiness, ability, and true majesty.

It is not that we should deny or discredit another's appearance or culture either. That would be becoming exactly what we have been victemized by for so long. The mentality of "better than", "Hate", or "blame"is not the constructive stance we need.

What we need to do is learn acceptance. Acceptance of our own natural beauty (to us) and acceptance of their natural beauty (to them).
If I quit seeking the "Master's" approval or validation for my very being, then maybe I'll quit attempting to emulate that which has long been so devastating and detrimantal to self and mankind world-wide.

As the words of Bob Marley state, "there is no "race". "there is only InI". Bob's father was a white man, his mother Black (as we know). If it weren't for this coupling, when would we have been blessed with this Prophet who carried the message of UNITY for all mankind.

Now that we can identify what is happening, we need to do something about it. One good starting point would be to: 1. Gather people of similar consciousness and continue the dialog on carrying the message rather than JUST talking it and condemning some of our peoples actions.
2. Support endeavors which are uplifing to our people. 3. When we recognize a need, fill it, rather than sit back and wait for someone else to (maybe) try. 4. Be more conscious of how our dollars are spent. 5. Promote one another.
6. Act intelligently and wisely, as if your future depends on it, IT DOES!

Thank you for your time and interest in this topic. It is one needing much debate and insight.

Please feel free to visit my art page @ kjaxn1@blackplanet.com for some positive images of our people.

Peace - Hotep
K. Jackson
Ras Kongo, Italist I,
Travelin' Companion, JAH RASTAFARI

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Re: Does skin color matter?
Re: Does skin color matter? *LINK*

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