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Blessed love royal priests, prophets,empresses:one aim,one God,one destiny. Haile Selassie I earth's rightful ruler who dewells in the hearts of all flesh of all people of all nations ruler of the heaven earth,sky and sea and the maker of us all taught us aboutpatience,tolerance and good will.Let us be upright to everyone from earth to zion.We cannot say that we love Jah and do not do his will,words without works the teachings and practises of the christain religious world.

Christainity and religion divide us and set us against each other;this is the devils way of life. A house divided amongst itself must fall.
Christainity and religion is responsible for most of us the Ethiopian African downfall and oppression and as far as I can see things are not getting better for us the Royal Ethiopian refugees in exile because of slavery.

FOr us the Ethiopians,unity will only come when we unite under the banners of the red,gold and green; the red,black,green: the black five point star this represents the fifth kingdom of Jesu-us Christ, the R and the lion symbol. These two emblems from ancient times walk as one.The Father and the Son are one. No one goeth to the Father but through the son Jes-us Christ. Five bleding wounds did Christ suffered on the cross of shame,death to take away our sins and open wide the gate to salvation and encourage all of us His sons and daughters to put down the burdens of the evil world, drop the evil world ways and follow the good teacher, the first anointed teacher.

Christ is always with us. Those who cannot see him eyes are dim so you need to remember the sabbath day to keep it holy.all those who pollute the sabbath day shall surely be put to death.As long as we remain under the teachings of the evil world we have no hope for salvation; hence unity will come through salvation. If christainity and religion were not the devil's way of life and religion a vain teaching then we all would be giving praises to the only one living God.They the european world would not judge us according to the color of our skins and the color of our eyes. They the evil world would not deny us the Black world of our basic human rights, the right to a nationality.The universal declaration of human rights charter has all these rights enshrined in the charter.

When we all accept the Ethiopian Churchical principles as they were taught by Jes-us Christ of Nazerth then only then will we the Ethiopians realised who we are and where we are going. Come with us to that land where the saints are going; to that land where milk &honey flowing.Good bye to sin,good bye to shame, good bye to oppression.

The hym book and the bible have been and will continue to be the rallying point for our unity.We know the shepherd's voice and we know who this shepherd is. The mighty God of Daniel will surly deliver, he will send His angels to help unite us so that we can return to our country and become a nation in righteousness of salvation again.

Brothers and sisters look how long we have been scattered in the western world. All the other nations have achieved a certain level of unity. Hence they have better standard of living, more purchasing power,better capital tools and machineries and equipment to use.They are more competitive and rich. WHat happened to us the Ethiopian African.The moment we make an effort to achieve something substantial and useful for the future; the evil white world along with there puppets the black white heart oppressors, licky licky bellyful will be paid to break up what ever we do to make ourselves independent and stable.

The righteous knows that trial and tribulations are alwaysin our way, because satan will not just leave us like that.We are God's peculiar treasure and Satan is jelous of our clean hands and pure in heart so it will do anything to corrupt us and pull us off the path to salvation.

Young man I call upon you because you are strong;give God your hearts and let HIM give His Father's everliving Kingdom to you. Most High God King Emmanule The Seven Adoni I God Jah Rastafari, Holy SelassieJah Rastafari,Royal Committee Ethiopia Africa Black Interrnational Congress Divine Church of salvation Headquarter: 10 Miles Bull Bay Saint Andrew, Jamaica.We love HIM because He first loved us.

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