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Good Friday

Blessed holy Easter to all Royal Ethiopian Priests,prophets,Empresses,princeses and Princesses: Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari.
The Church of Devine Salvation,The Ethiopia Africa Black International CongressHead quarterin Bull Bay SAint Anderw Jamaicais encouraging every faithful roual refugees in exile in the Western world through slaverly to acknomledge the importance of Good Friday.
Good Friday was the day on which Jes-us Christ arose from the grave in the morning to meet the sabbath before the sun went down on Friday evening.
Christ was crucified on the Tuesday,spent Tuesday,Wednesday and Thursday night in the grave.Therefore we would refer to the day when HIM over came the powers of darkness as the good day and not the day when they crucified HIM.
Christ carried the cross from Ward Theatre Down Town; That is from North Parade to Mother White"s Bridge on Spanish Town Road not far from the present Trench Town Fire Station and just across from the May Pen Cemetory where He was nailed to the cross between two other men they the evil crime ring claimed were thieves.At the time of the crucifiction the sea wasup to this section of the now Mother White bridge. Therefore Christ was crucified by the sea shores approximately two thousand years ago.
From this Tuesday up to very recent times the jamaicam authorities use to hung people they condemn on a Tuesday at the Saint Catherine District prision.

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