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Re: ras tafari

Greetings my young one. Blessed is those that seek the light. Remember, search your own heart and mind. As you do evaluate it. Now as you step up to be Rasta know this that is not an easy proclaim road.
If you study the historical precept of Rastas knowledge you will overstand how it is develop and. Now if you digest the information you have learnt thus then you can see why some Rastas still hold strong on wether cacaussion can live Rasta life. You must overstand that majority of the cacaussion that become Rastas are sympathizers. By that I meant they become Rastas
due to what their parents have done to Africans. Now! if that is the means of your entrance inot Rasta life you will become troubled keekping living the life.
More over most Africans believe that the way the world is-is due to how cacassion go about how they run things. Really, what most Rastas grieve about is not about the skin color, but the question is can cacassion change their past ill, can they be trusted.
I hope that you try to learn all you can on your own about the life of Africans, As Rastafari comes out of the African experience.
Should you like to learn more don't hesitate to reach I at jmmcl@msn.com.
More over, keep a good heart and focus on the positive. You must first learn that there are no such race of people call white. You must get that out of your thought. Look at your skin it is not white. It was a an illusionary term used by our cacassion father to separate themselves from their African brothers. Bless to you.

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