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Re: 12 Tribes doctrine
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Jah Love gman,
Jah first, the He create the stars!
The main difference between astrology and the 12 Blessings from Jah, is that the philosophy behind astrology is that the "stars" guide the destiny. InI know Jah is the controller, how can that which He has made usurp the Creator? But folks mix it up same way. The tribes & months are shown in the Bible as Captains from each tribe, bring tribute "each according to his month". Those 12 blessings are like parts of the body that form to complete a whole (the "Christ body"). "how can the hand say that it is not a part of the body?"....
I'm glad Bro Gad was vague on the exactness of tribes/months/faculties, because them that give out too much of that info don't encourage others to seek it for themselves. Seeking the truth for yourself is the key to knowledge, having that desire to know HIM. Truth you learn for yourself is more solid than mouthing whatever someone tells you. That's why TTI always encourages each and every one to read and discover for themselves.
Part of the "Lord's Prayer" is "..thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.." So we are shown clearly that heaven is a place where Jah will is done. And we can also see that it is not heaven here in this world yet!! What is Jah will?? That is the basis for our heart's desire and thirst to know.
PS....I also have a pathetic nicotine habit!
Blessings, sis naphtali

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