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Re: Rasta in UK Tory Politrix

I think this has been somewhat poorly reported and once again 'twisted' by the media who have picked up on it.

The Tory, or Conservative party, is like the Republicans (Right wing), the Labour Party is more like the US Democratic (Left wing).
It used to be a proper Socialist party, but now under Tony Blair is no different in policies than the Tories.

Here is anotehr article on the subject. Quotes the brethren slightly differently.
I can't belive they would be so stupid as to be used by Right wing and Racist politicians. The leader of the Conservative party (Ian Duncan Smith) has some dodgy links in his early days to some far right thinking political think tanks.


Rastafarian duo in the spotlight

Sarah Hall
Friday October 10, 2003
The Guardian

Amid a sea of pinstripe suits, white shirts and pashminas, two Rasta hats bobbed repeatedly into view of the cameras yesterday as the Conservative party sought to promote itself as a party of inclusiveness.
Aesat Selassie and Ita Barica, two "peace officers" from Handsworth, Birmingham, beamed for the cameras, grasped Betsy Duncan Smith's hand, and joined in every standing ovation as part of the "inner circle" selected by central office officials.

But, they later admitted, neither of them belonged to the party - nor had they ever voted Tory.

The Rastafarians, representatives of the Haile Selassie Foundation, which helps Birmingham police crack down on gun crime, met Mr Duncan Smith when he toured their area of Birmingham three months ago.

They then received a letter from him a fortnight ago, asking them to breakfast with him and attend the conference.

Mr Barica said: "ID [sic] thinks what we're doing in Birmingham's a good thing. We never vote because we don't believe in some of the policies in place - such as Britain being run by Europe.

"But there are over 50,000 Rastas in England and we are now going to work together with this party ... we're hoping we can come to some sort of agreement for them to vote for them." Mr Duncan Smith met the two men through the shadow home secretary, Oliver Letwin, when he went to Birmingham in the wake of the deaths of Letisha Shakespeare, 17, and Charlene Ellis, 18, who were killed when they were caught in crossfire outside a hairdressing salon in Aston in the early hours of New Year's Day.

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