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Puerto Rica Rasta Hail the Rasta Wombman

3rd Annual Rastafari Conference in Puerto Rico
Author: EmpressFiYah , Sep/4/2003 11:17:45 [-04]


3rd Rastafari Conference of Puerto Rico
Homenaje A La Mujer Rasta

We the sons and daughters of Rastafari gathered in the island of Puerto Rico for the 3rd Annual Rastafari Conference convened to honor the Rastafari woman;

Guided by I and I unshakable faith in His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I and;

Conscious of the need to maintain the Omega balance in the Rastafari movement and;

Acknowledging His Imperial Majesty's example on November 2, 1930, for gender balance in the coronation of Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Menen on the same day as His coronation and;

Recognizing the plurality of roles played by every woman and the need of the Almighty Rastafari Kingdom and Nation to unleash all of its resources to secure its goals;

Resolve on this 31st day of August 2003, that the Rastafari Nation, mansions and organizations will facilitate the full involvement of the Rastafari woman in maintaining the spiritual, mental and physical health of the Rastafari family.

Be it also resolved that the fullticipation of the Rastafari woman is ensured in the organizing, centralizing and implementing of plans to address the social and economic needs of the Almighty Rastafari Kingdom and Nation.

31st August 2003

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